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Claude Leading Expedition into Mysterious Past

People who were in the Rose Garden on Saturday morning around 10:30 a.m. may have noticed a yellow dirigible dashing in the sky above. That was the SDS Flying Fish, on a mission to recover an ancient artifact. Aboard it, as it turned out later, were its captain, Claude, and a crew composed of Casandro, Jukka, Garrison, Jimun and Natasha. Sairys and Tanooki also accompanied the expedition as observers. We gleaned some details from the diaries generously offered by several participants.

Claude’s log, Saturday, 15 May 2010
I’m writing this on the corner of a cramped coffee table, as I await our ride for the next leg of what promises to become a most intriguing journey. It seems fitting that the key for locating the object of my dreams would be here, at the airport, as it was Airborn who inadvertently set me on this path. It was he who encouraged me to seek a way for my ship, the Flying Fish, to become self-aware. And it was Casandro who pointed out that the map mentioned in that old musty tome at the library actually exists.

Casandro’s log, Saturday, 15 May 2010
Claude hat uns in zu sich in eine Bibliothek gerufen. Und was hat er da gefunden? Ein Buch! Wahnsinn!. Naja, da war dann ‘ne Karte drin, die genau so aussah wie die in an der Decke von der “Pilot’s Lounge” am Flughafen. Naja, mal sehen was dabei raus kommt.*

We’ll make more accounts public as they become available.

*Casandro asked that his account be published in the original German, but we are making a translation available for the convenience of our readers: Claude called us to meet him in a library. And what had he found there? A book! Madness! Well, there was the one map in there that looked exactly like the one on the ceiling of the “Pilot’s Lounge” at the airport. Well, let’s see what comes out of it.

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