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Cave Story Launch Party Announced

Cave Story Group

To celebrate the release of the freeware masterpiece Doukutsu Monogatari – better known as Cave Story – for Nintendo WiiWare on March 22nd, I’ll be throwing a Launch Party. Gwiffy has been kind enough to make his Videogamer’s Roost available…. So!

WHAT: Cave Story Launch Party!
WHERE: The Videogamer’s Roost (luge n3 w3; roost)
WHEN: Monday, March 22nd, 7 PM – 8:30 PM MUCK Time
WHO: Robots, Rabbits, Heroes and Villains of all kinds!

The event is unstructured and informal: Stay the night or stop in just to say hello! Dress up if you want! We look forward to seeing you.

Discussion of the game (or others!) is encouraged, but please keep in depth spoilers to the ‘cs’ @shout channel while at the party, so we don’t spoil new players! (@shout #join cs; @shout cs=)

If you want to know more about Cave Story (or you can’t wait and want to play it now), visit here.  The official blog of the Wii release is here.



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