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Building Class Teaches New Tricks to Old MUCKers

The building class taught by Professor BunnyHugger debuted on Sunday at the SpinDizzy Center of Arts and Science (S2 W1). The first session was attended by J.P. (winged squirrel), Beltrami (balloon rabbit), Garrison (skunktaur), Royce (raccoon), Niny’ah (seirmerine), Austin (coati), Raj (dingo), Featherwing (eevee) and Claude (lolcat), with Professor Joshua Farstrike (cybernetic coyote) participating as well.

The class on Sunday was dedicated to theory, specifically the various types of objects in a MUCK, a discussion of flags and their different meanings in context, and briefly properties — as due to popular demand the class ended earlier than planned. Speaking of context, the various behaviors of exits depending on what they link to was given special attention as well. Homework was assigned for next Sunday, when the main topic is expected to be giving dynamic behaviors to things.

While all of the students had at least some experience with building, it turned out that the class had something new to teach everyone.

A log (recorded by Claude) is available for those who could not attend.

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