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Building Class Continues, Duration Extended

The third installment of the building class took place this Sunday at the SpinDizzy Center of Arts and Science (S2 W1). Professor Joshua Farstrike returned to assist Professor BunnyHugger, and the class was attended by J.P. (winged squirrel), Beltrami (balloon rat), Airborn (biplane), Royce (raccoon) and Austin (coati), with PatchO’Black (Jellicle cat) joining briefly and Niny’ah (seirmerine) arriving later.

As last time, students were first invited to show off their homework — an object with custom messages and actions. A discussion of locks kicked off as a result, which in turn uncovered obscure details about lock syntax and security issues — an ample topic, as it turned out. That led to the main topic for the day, namely zombies and what makes them tick, which in turn necessitated a basic discussion of MPI and the @register command.

Because rooms and the various associated topics could not be covered in the first three sessions, at least another one will be held.

Those who missed (part of) the class or want to review it can make use of Claude’s log.

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