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Brief Nonexistence Stretch Nothing To Worry About

The Management, which is not taking any great effort to assure people that it currently exists, would like to apologize for the brief stretch of nonexistence suffered by the world Sunday evening shortly before 10 p.m. muck time. The incident was unavoidable and undesired and completely the result of people we will name as soon as we think them up.

Spindizzy has been committed to a policy of ongoing and continuing existence for nearly ten years now and has no intention of altering that policy anytime soon. Please note that this brief stretch of nonexistence was not connected so far as we know to the imminent discovery of a refueling planet on long range sensors suggesting the city may be docking or landing soon. We also have no reason to think the upcoming SpinDizzy Fair has in any way threatened the ongoing existence of the world.

Symptoms of nonexistence may be found by examining oneself in the mirror and finding that while the mirror is there, you are not; also, in finding that everything you might wear slips right down because you haven’t got a waist or anything else; finding that one no longer feels particularly Belgian or anything else because one no longer has feelings; and finding that people do not talk to you less because you are dull and more because you are not there even when present. If you find these traits applying to you despite the ongoing muck-wide existence please report it to a responsible authority, should one exist.

The baffling thing about the period of nonexistence was that FurToonia has been up steadily. We have no explanation for why they didn’t go down sometime last week and suspect their server did go down; we just failed to notice.

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