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2015 Mayoral Election Begun

The much-anticipated 2015 Mayoral Election is under way. The seven candidates vying for the position are (in alphabetical order) Azure, Bleu, Featherwing, Kandra, Sirianna, Thurisaz, and Zen. Campaigning is already under way and is to continue through 11:59 pm muck time (Pacific Time) on Friday, the 13th of February, after which voting is to begin. The election is to be once more by instant-runoff voting, so that one ranks all the desirable candidates and only one round of balloting is necessary. The top vote-getter is to become Mayor and the next-highest Vice-Mayor, both one-year posts.

The election is, as with last year, being run by Kefan as a one-person Board of Elections. There is to be a public debate amongst the candidates, though the date and time have not yet been announced. Per Kefan’s ruling neither the incumbent Mayor, Jukka, or Vice-Mayor, Morticon, are eligible to stand, and the post of ‘No Mayor’ is not under consideration.

The Mayor’s office was inaugurated by Beltrami and has served as a platform for persons to organize holiday celebrations and other events. The Mayor and Vice-Mayor are the only representatives of SpinDizzy’s non-wizard, non-helpstaff public administration. Azure had been mayor in 2012, between the resignation of Enkeli and his own naming as wizard. If elected he would be the first person returned to the office.

Traditionally most electioneering is done in the Rose Garden or in the Park of the Day, with the bulletin board (+read from anywhere on the muck) used also to advertise. Many candidates have also run special events; check the board or eventlist for announcements of such. Candidates often give out souvenirs; one must be set to receive objects, or fake objects. Entering hand #ok and then hand #fok will ensure that you are able to receive objects, which may be kept on you, transferred to another person, or put in a container object or room at your leisure.

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