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2011 Christmas Tree Saved, Retired

A concerted effort by SpinDizzy citizens saved the 2011 Christmas Tree from a horrible fate at Morticon’s hands when the tenth citizen completed the trail of nearly two dozen clues to locations within and outside the city. Morticon had abducted the tree shortly after Twelfth Night, before it could be properly retired, and left this form of scavenger hunt and a promise the tree was not actually far from the Rose Garden behind. He asserted the tree would be returned unharmed if ten people found it in time, and with less than a half hour to go before the deadline the tenth citizen, BunnyHugger, recorded her finding.

The Christmas Tree was found in a corner of the Red Wing of the lowermost level of the Sandcastle Apartments — a mere one block south of the Rose Garden (S1 E0), though not obvious to those who had not explored the terrain. Systematic search would have not released the tree, however, as one had to assemble all the clues in order. However, all places were ones which could be found by correct clue interpretation and the determined use of wadir, which allows searching for rooms based on their names or descriptions.

The citizens whose diligent searches found the tree were, in order: JasonRDT, Lenn, Annie, Nigel, Denji, Ali, Claude, Squawk, Austin, and BunnyHugger, a healthy mix of long-time residents and relative newcomers.

The secure finding of the tree came as apparent shock to Sora, who had been leading a tour of the two dozen sites and how they followed from each preceding clue, but who released the tree as the mad marsupial had mandated. The tree was taken to the Christmas Tree Retirement Home, at N4 E0, where its holiday duties were finally relieved.

Though none may know just what horrible destruction was intended for the tree, rumor has it that Morticon expected merely to carve into the stand a taunting of the community for its difficulties.

The roster of clue locations follows:

Number Location You have located the next clue:
1 The Rose Garden The crazy train lives here
2 East Corridor / Northwest tdavel, PAtrICIA Up on high, watching out for little cat feet
3 Cloudy Heights You’ve been damned!
4 Heck Retro town meets future city
5 S1 W1 – Neopolis East Fly me to the bar, let me see the little blue fox
6 Freeloader’s Bar Dinos and water meet magic
7 Fountain of Deep Time (S8 W0) Trippin’ out at the farm
8 Shroomie Farm Entdance Drinks and test tubes
9 Mad Scientiki Lounge Is that a tower in your pocket, or are you
just remembering?
10 The Grand Arcade Stone memory
11 Memorial Plaza (N1 W1) Tower of green
12 Organic Spire: Level One Organically grown feline treats!
13 Jellicle Fields A forest so scary, not even Red Riding Hood
would visit it
14 Forest Road Halloween lives on forever
15 Front Yard Catch a flight – in times past
16 Nakamichi Fields (N7 E6) Flowers that look down upon it all
17 The Daisy Garden Destroyed SED base
18 A pile of rubble (N1 W3) That’s a hole lot of nothing!
19 The Wound in the World [S5 E2] Aspirations that don’t come to fruition
20 Graveyard of Dreams – Unhallowed Ground Jokes about plumbers often concern this
21 The rift (N7 E2) Towards the mountain of minks!
22 Small Clearing Sacrifices with a view
23 Central Plaza Red sand
24 Red Wing

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