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Zen Identifies Inner Food Selves

A recent conversation in the Picnic Grounds combined with a video of one Buster “Butter Brownie” Raccoon refusing to emerge from under his blanket led to Zen attempting to identify what kinds of foods the people at the picnic grounds might be. He was encouraged to this by BunnyHugger saying her nickname for Austin was “Frostin'”, and her considering herself as BundtHugger. Austin also encouraged this by saying Zen was a pretty sweet mouse “apart from when you’re in a garlic and chili cheese mood.”

Thus inspired Zen identified Austin as “a fancy cup of hot French Vanilla Chocolate,” Nikon as a “blue raspberry” (Nikon blushed and said ey did not like raspberries, but Zen thought it was more a resemblance based on eir being blue and small). Zen suggested cookies and cream ice cream for BunnyHugger, powdered doughnut balls for Chitter, and chocolate cheesecake for Royce. Featherwing was pegged as an ice cream sandwich, and Dragoncat as “more of a marshmellow.” fluffy was categorized as “I think a cake of some sort.”

Zen also said one just great idea was an ice cream ball: cookies and cream on the outside, and a Whopper on the inside. It is not clear who if anyone this would be. He denies working on any super secret lazar rays to change people into foods.

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