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Zen Experiences Inflatability; Mote, Mahwah Now Creatures

Zen Malori Fetcher, mouse, has taken in recent days to showing off an inflatamouse form. In this form the five-inch-tall mouse is a slightly chubby latex balloon, with seams and a squeaker in his nose. Though he has had the form for a while it’s only been recently on public display. He has been practicing the magical transformation of his body.

While happy with the inflatable form, Zen admits he doesn’t expect to live as a balloon forever. “I’d have to be careful not to get popped, avoid windy situations, prolonged exposure to the sun … and I couldn’t eat cheese!” He offered as illustration the balloon mouse Dario (not part of the SpinDizzy community) attempting to eat inflatable cheese.

Less recently, the energy-spirit Mote, also referred to as Persephone, has taken a solid physical form. The form, a six-foot creature of somewhat feline proportions, and surrounded by sparks of static electricity, was created by a set of nanites cultured by Nikon. The Mote seems content with the body.

Mahwah Newjersey, formerly a red panda, was transformed by the Mote and its nanites into a near-duplicate of the Mote’s shape. The two have enjoyed a supportive relationship through the Mote’s arrival and Mahwah’s transformation.

Nikon is certain that the nanites will not be affecting the shape or composition of any others.

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