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Xtreme Olympics: Skydiving Results

As part of the SpinDizzy Olympics, the Skydiving competition was held yesterday. There were eight competitors and two judges.

The rather unusual competition included some floating obstacles that competitors could make use of. These included a giant trampoline, a cube of water, and a long, spiraling tube.  Competitors had to land on a giant bullseye in the stadium for maximum points.

The judges were BunnyHugger and Dragoncat, with Jehnya providing her services as a (test) pilot by flying the skydiving plane.

The end results are as follows:

  1. Skyler (Gold)
  2. Kern (Silver)
  3. Aina 58 (Bronze)
  4. Niny’ah (Copper)
  5. Kimori (Copper)
  6. Featherwing (Copper)
  7. Jaxen (Copper)
  8. Beltrami (Copper)

The competition was fierce, with the difference in average score between the first and last person being only one (8.625 and 7.625).

Kimori started off the competition by making immediate use of his parachute.  The trampoline tangled up his parachute briefly, but he covered.  He then went into the tube, whirling through and then aimed for the bullseye on the stadium grounds.

Featherwing was next, making use of the trampoline before deploying his ‘chute, then used the whirling tube and directed his downward motion onto the bullseye.

Skyler was third, boinging on the trampoline as a bunnyball, then water skiied across half the cube by deploying his parachute, but lost momentum and sunk through it.  Once the parachute was dry and caught the wind again, he landed not-too-close to the bullseye, but on the target.

Aina 58 was next and attempted to do some aerial gymnastics.  She had some serious trouble and began tumbling out of control while in freefall.  She managed to use only the trampoline, then sailed over the audience and touched down just outside the bullseye.

Jaxen was fifth, wearing swim trunks.  Much more successful at the gymnastics than Aina, he manged several somersaults before bouncing off the trampoline.  He then deliberately entered the cube and swam through it, emerging on the underside as if diving in reverse.  He then deployed his parachute, sailed over the crowd, and hit the bullseye.

Beltrami was sixth and used Garrison as her parachute!  Speed towards the trampoline, the duo curled up and bounced back, then deployed her wings (against regulations) to spiral upwards on the momentum.  Next, she skimmed the water cube surface, creating a spray of water over the edge.  Then, Beltrami balled up again and made use of the tube and rolled out at high speed!  Bouncing against the ground as a ball (doable as a balloon-critter), she finally deployed her parachute and released Garrison-parachute, landing halfway between the bullseye and outer circle.

Niny’ah was the next competitor, the Seirmerine quite agile in the air.  Angling to the side face of the water cube, Niny’ah made a large roostertail-like spray of water, then deployed skydiving pop-fins to allow her to spin rapidly and then right herself.  Circling the stadium and showing off with a figure 8, she landed very close to the center of the bullseye.

The last competitor was Kern, who defied all logic and said ridiculous things during its routine.  Landing on the edge of the trampoline, the bird climbed up its released parachute to jump off again, releasing its reserve chute.  Landing on the rim of the tube, it then released its reserve parachute (much to the fright of many!) and jumped in.  Emerging on the other side, a third parachute was somehow deployed and the bird sailed toward the ground, while its allotted time grew short.  Landing outside the bullseye, Kern simply walked to the center of the target and shouted “One!”.

Jehnya was then able to safely land the plane after buzzing the audience.  There was a hairy series of maneuvers as the plane itself tried to land on the target, which it successfully did after a time.

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