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World-building Panel Held at Edgeworld Park for Expo ’13

On Sunday evening between 9 and 11PM, the Hall of Arts and Crafts at Edgeworld Park (luge s4 e10, mg, n, nw, hac) hosted a panel on techniques for world-building and character creation. A follow-up on the similar event from last Friday, both held in conjunction with Expo ’13 (the World’s Fair), the panel was Austin’s initiative and (this time) hosted by Claude. The most active speakers were Lady Jean (human), Carl (robot) and fluffy (plaid critter), but there were numerous other participants, among them GreenKai (kai norn), Garrison and Kona (skunks), Jaxen (fox), Micajah (goat), Treiss (snow leopard), Ronnie (cheetah), and Icelus (nightmare).

Notable topics of discussion included fluffy’s Unity setting, the handling of alien languages in fiction, and the importance of planning versus free-form experimentation. There was also quite a bit of random chat, but surprisingly few questions related to the main talks.

Despite that, the event generated sufficient interest that future editions have been suggested, though no specific plans exist at this time.

The organizers wish to express thanks to everyone who participated. A log is available for those who could not make it.

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