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What’s Something You’re Thankful You Did This Year?

Every year for around Thanksgiving I ask people what’s a something they did this year that they’re thankful they did. Here’s what they said.

Mayor Mako said, “It’s been up and down but right now I’m kinda glad I ran for mayor. Given me a major appreciation for what some people do. A lot more prep goes into some holidays than you’d think. And sometimes it is hard. Getting people interested can be trying.” I asked how because holidays are so liked. “Not everyone has the time or energy to invest.” She thought the Day of Remembrance turned out pretty much the way she hoped it would. It brought people together to share stories about the past. As did Founder’s Day: “Remembrance was fairly easy, just make sure people stayed on track and knew it was there. Founder’s, a little harder. Some of our older folk don’t show up as much any more so I had to ask a bit to get people who know them to ask them to show. We had to spread it out over two days due to scheduling concenrs.”

Rakasti said she was thankful “my friend Princess Kiree invited me to come to this world. So I did. I’m glad I did. People are friendly for the most part. I’ve found some that are adventurous like I am. I love that. I’ve made three or four lovely friends. Life is about friendship. And not getting eaten by sharks. I’m just suggesting that if you get eaten by sharks you can’t do much else after that.”

Princess NovaSquirrel couldn’t think of a lot right away. “For the lack of things I’ve actually done, I have met a lot of nice people. Keeps me coming back every day.” I asked who was someone she was thankful she met. “I’m thankful for Claude because he’s a good friend and he’s always there to talk to.”

Rielle wrote out how she’s “thankful for having people who love me” but couldn’t think of something she was thankful she’d done. Nova the toy also said “I’m thankful for good friends like you and Rielle. Oh and I met Rielle this year too.” And they both said about how they were “happy to see another toy” (Nova) because there’s “not many like us around anymore” (Rielle).

Bleu said “I’m thankful for getting out more and exploring. And trying out more transformations.” When he was exploring, “I discovered an ancient starship adrift in space several months ago. I picked up a faint signal from it on my ship’s long-range sensors.” His ship is called the Pleiades, but he couldn’t use it right then because he’s a merperson and it doesn’t have water tanks.

Claude said he was thankful for “Making games, and writing stories. Visiting with family, too.” He said it was a very personal game and didn’t want to say a lot about it. The story was different some. He said, “I wrote a SpinDizzy fanfic. It’s [about] Kantuck…She’s been trying to write the story of how she got here, so I figured it would be helpful to do the other side.”

Gwen said, “It might sound corny, but I’m plenty thankful I found this place. Beats the heck out of the humdrum routine back home, and I’m on my way to building my own ship! Not a bad year, all told.” I asked how she found here. “Chased a phantom com-signal right through some spacetime whatsit, got blasted by some skybears and POW!, landed right in the park fountain. [The skybears] must’ve been lurking in a cloudbank or something. Hit me with some kind of ray. The signal’s popped up a couple of times since then, but haven’t seen a sign of those bears.” Bleu said the skybears “[sound] like some angry Care Bears.” Gwen said, “They were up in the clouds, that’s all I know.”

Casandro said, “I’ve recently found an old videorecording I did more than 15 years ago. I made it at school back then. [It’s] mostly random stuff.” He didn’t remember what he made it for, though. He found it because “It was at my parents place where I store my video tapes.” And he’d seen it before but “I didn’t take much note of it. Didn’t bother popping it into a VCR.”

J.P. said he was thankful he found his first apartment. “I’ve got nice roommates, and got a digital piano for the living room. And there’s a balcony, which is great for playing with my ham radio or peering at the stars. Not sure if [the telescope’s] as fancy [as Mote’s]. Just one my parents had in the attic, from a science museum gift shop. But hey, it’s a free telescope, and the Moon looks quite detailed through it. I’ve also got a set of binoculars.” He hasn’t seen the bunny in the moon. And his roommates aren’t any kind of tree creatures either. “As far as I know they’re humans.”

Jaxen said he was thankful that “I set a new personal record this year. I hiked 27.4 miles in a single day. That was quite the experience, and I’m glad I didn’t give up.” He went across three mountains, “started high, went down, then up, then down, then ended high.” He hikes a lot, usually but not always over mountains. This time it was for a charity event along with a lot of other people. “The event will occur again next year, and I plan on being there. I just don’t know if I’ll be able to complete that distance again when the time comes.”

I’m sorry if I missed you when I was asking what people were thankful they did. If you want to answer please make a comment here or tell me when you can.

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