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What Is Something You’re Thankful You Did This Year?

Like last year at Thanksgiving, I asked people what they were thankful they did.

Claude said he’s glad for “Starting to take care of myself. Going out more. Making nice things [like] books, and art, and games.” And he said he takes care of himself better by “exercising, or making my skin look nice. With creams and stuff. Sometimes licking my fur clean just isn’t enough. And I can’t always eat as healthily as I’d like, either.” He also said he was thankful he got to meet his former colleagues one last time “before life swept them all away.”

Azure said he was thankful “I can continue to support myself by, basically, sitting around amusing myself all day.” Also, “I’m thankful to have, perhaps, reconciled with someone I had once been closer to.” He said he was able to do that because he “exercised patience.” If that wasn’t all enough he also said, “I’m kind of thankful that I found a song that’s been haunting me since I was a teeny-tiny little foxkit. It was from a cartoon at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKS8zDaxQzA#t=9m05s and he said, “it’s one of those things where it was the first time I ever heard the word hydroponics so I always think of it whenever it comes up in discussion.”

He said that’s “the same way every time I hear the word ‘oblong’ I always think of the story of the king who loved oblongs and insisted on oblong pancakes and tried to command the sun to be an oblong. And how I kept wondering whether an oblong was just a rectangle or whether there were secret details of shape and figure I couldn’t see, and tried to imagine what kinds of things might look like rectangles to me while not being rectangles.” I don’t know the story but asked if there were things that might look like rectangles without being them and he said, “well, sure, quadrilaterals generally might be not have properly right angles but not be obvious about it.”

Kandra said, “I’m thankful that I’m not dead yet. Most of the time…okay, some of the time. Now and then.”

fluffy said, “I’m thankful that I got the inspiration to record a whole album in just a month earlier this year.” It’s for real music too and at http://sockpuppet.us. fluffy said recording it “was like swimming in love.” And thinking some more fluffy said, “Oh also I’m thankful that I played Undertale which is the most wonderful game ever and seriously everyone should play it.” That was also like swimming in love.

Askric had a hard time thinking of anything he did and just said he was thankful for “friends, safety, the undeserved good fortune I’ve had”. I asked if he could think of anything he did though and he said, “I don’t generally do things of note. I’m just thankful for what I have,” and when I said it didn’t have to be anything important to anybody but him, he said yes, he did do something he was thankful he did, but it’s “private”. He didn’t say it mean.

Gilead said, “I am thankful that I entertained the new otter at Sonora Desert Museum. Her name is Dot. I played tag with her through the pool window. She chases me back and forth, then I chase her back and forth. She is very smart, and insists on a fair game. She doesn’t want to chase a person’s hand, because she has to swim a whole otter around. She’ll only play with other otters who move all of themselves back and forth. And she’ll stop playing with anyone who doesn’t start chasing her when she decides it’s her turn.” Gilead thinks she’s lonely, but that she likes him, because “Once she sees I’m by the window she usually comes over immediately.” And he shared a video of her at https://vimeo.com/116305648 to see.

Bleu said, “I am thankful that I ran for Mayor,” even though he didn’t win. “It was fun, even though I got crushed miserably by Sirianna. Winning is not important, it’s all about how you played the game.” Bleu said he thinks he’s going to run again, “Because I enjoyed it.”

There was some kind of tank in the Rose Garden Friday when I was asking more people. It said, “I am thankful for every litre of recycled vegetable oil I guzzle down and burn in my steely heart!” But that’s not anything it did, and it said, “I just got built today. I haven’t done much besides exist.” But it got to meet people so was thankful for that. It doesn’t know who built it though. “It’s hard to see people when they’re inside you.” And I asked how it knew anybody was inside it. “Good point! I don’t even know that.” But it was “pretty sure” it was just built that today. Tarka asked how you can build a tank in one day because he was working on one for years and the tank said, “Surely you know the story of the first Tanksgiving?” but it didn’t tell it.

Mouser said he was thankful he decided to “Return here. I very nearly stopped coming by here this year; I’m glad I changed my mind on that.” But he had to go before he could say more.

Hektor said, “I am thankful to have met new friends in a strange place. I have met Kefan, Ping and Claude for instance.”

Darius said, “Probably grateful that I kept up with my college coursework, even if I’m starting to not want to.” He said it was hard “because it causes me a large amount of stress and makes me sad,” and he has things like where he has to get less than three hours sleeping one day a week and staying awake for thirty hours for a full-time job. He can’t do anything else with his schedule, “That’s why it makes me sad.”

Natasha said she was thankful for “getting out more often and meeting new people and trying new things.” But she didn’t want to say what she did except “I totally took the last slice of pizza. Without even asking.” And she didn’t want to say who she met because that was “top secret, I’m afraid.” She explained, “I’m a popular cartoon character and public figure. They’re not. If you go to the local Nelmart to pick up Natasha videos, Natasha plush toys, and Natasha T-shirts, that’s marketing. If you pick up videos, toys and T-shirts of some random Joe off the street, that’s creepy.” So that’s why she didn’t want to say who she met.

If you want to say something you’re thankful you did you can say it in a comment here! You can get an account from Editor BunnyHugger just by asking if you don’t have one already or if you forgot your password.

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