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Transmissions from SpinDizzy ‘Fertile Soil’

The following was unexpectedly received via gaser beam from the spindizzy “Fertile Soil,” as a repeating audio transmission to the launched SpinDizzy Alpha.

The transmission also contained personal notes from Doctor Edwards (fox scientist) and Landis (Senior Rhyzodactus) for the Blessed Mink.

Class Field Trip Blows Stuff Up, Loses Otter

Narrated by green tan

Maturing hybrids fox (blue leaf), cat (green tan), fox (gold edge) and bajr (big nose) with the consent of Landis (Elder Hybrid) accompanied Profs Natasha (coati) and Azure (electric fox) with the enigmatic Minks (small otter, full of fish) and the shielded Growing Cage (Fe CuTi SiO2 faraday cage) to Dr. Edwards’ experimental lab on Land … For Science!

Arrived to the lab, Azure quizzed blue leaf and big nose on the SpinDizzy relationship of Electro-Magnetic and Gravitational Forces. Gold edge positioned the growing cage on the central lab bench and then enticed Minks into the cage by re-iterating Azure’s promise of ice cream after the Science! Experiment. Natasha and green tan inspected the smaller electro-inertial generator, the cat hopping up onto the rotating disc. Upon Natasha’s warning yelp the persons in the lab observed green tan to spin partway around the generator and disappear. Frantic, Natasha reset the generator, and after some moments cat re-appeared on the disc and Natasha brought cat down.

Cat later reported observing the entire lab to fold up like a trio of resting leaves before unfolding in a near-perfect mirror image. While the equipment were all in the proper places the persons were changed. Azure sported a neon orange coat and the toon coati had been replaced by a a svelte red panda, the hybrids were nowhere to be seen, and the subject had twice the usual number of arms. Calibrating the generator, the wah looked up startled and after several revolutions (co-incident with Natasha) reset the control circuits. The lab folded and reversed itself again, returning cat to reality.

The first phase of the experiment went well. With Azure foxing the control panel to slowly bring up field strength, Natasha (with Super Coati Powers : apt-get nosewiggle) and the students performed the coarse field alignment. As the local ‘down’ straightened, fox and bajr began charging the containment cage’s odd circuitry. Joining them, Azure sent a flow of muons into the cage walls. Bajr, confused by a note in the students’ study guide, asked if the universe held two types of electrons, or three. “Three,” replied Azure, “With two types of spin.”

As the field strength increased, the space around the cage began to take on a visible dull gray colour. Natasha (the coati) tuned the field with her fine-manipulative appendages (fingers and nose) under advise from big nose, weaving a self-crossing, non-orientable surface about the cage. Upon reaching sufficient strength, the embedded, charged cage flipped inside-out and the field surface became increasingly reflective.

Cage and field began to appear inside each other, a loud cry of strained equpment raised in pitch as the rate of convolution increased. As the frequency neared the upper edge of rhyzodactyl perception, the undulating field, along with cage and otter, folded in on itself and disappeared with a forceful implosion of atmosphere, leaving a pinpoint hole behind. Equipment across the lab screamed from overload, some burst into flame, some exploded, before power was cut. The tertiary spindizzy generator cracked and then melted.

It was at that point that Doctor Edwards appeared in the entranceway, greeted by his wrecked laboratory and then the sudden arrival of a large mink, appearing stretched through the hole in the Universe and then falling gracelessly to the floor.

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