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The Letter in the Foundry: Full Text

Earlier tonight, a group of SpinDizzians exploring the orichalcum vein and foundry in the so-called Wound in the World found the following letter.

Annelid Amalgamated
Sector [0,0,0] designation “The Most Important Place in the Universe”
The Thing You Wake Up to If You Anger the Don Galaxy
The Universe Without a Middle

Residents of The Spindizzy That Needs No Introduction
Sector [289,47,-15] designation “The Sector Remarkable for How Boring It Is”
Upside-Down Chair Lady’s Daughter’s Galaxy
The Universe without a Middle

78th of Floreal 37,912,123 Ante Mortem Solis.


Annelid Amalgamated is deeply saddened by your unfortunate choice to disregard our warning and kind offer of protection and disposal of your hazardous material.  Such refusal is not without consequence.

We advise you to reconsider and accept our generous offer to remove the material in question from your world.  We will waive the normal fees that would apply in a case of first refusal and reconsideration. This is a one-time offer, so act now.

Rest assured that if you continue in your current action, dangers that you cannot comprehend and would not enjoy imagining will be visited upon you and your world in mass quantities.

Sincerely yours,

Humus Pierpont Slithe, III
Vice President of Terror and Public Relations
Annelid Amalgamated

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