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Suri Produces Buttons – Non-sniffable

Example of the Secret Lemur Button.

As Plenipotentiary of the Secret Lemur Empire, I’m pleased to announce that we are producing Buttons, so that Spindizzians travelling to Conventions may now have a way of recognizing one another. These Buttons will be distributed at no charge as a Public Service of the Secret Lemur Empire.

-Suri the Lemur

Materials: Zinc, despite all its manifest and manifold Virtues, was determined by the Science Lemurs to be structurally unsuitable for such high quality Buttons. Steel was therefore chosen for the body of the Buttons.

Art: The Art chosen is that of a crowd scene of Spindizzians, drawn by the late Arrrgh! the Horse, Friend to Lemurs and other Small Mammals. A Rose Garden Scene was modified and condensed by the Art Lemurs to fit the space alotted in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Lettering: Only one Capital Letter was used per Button, in deference to those who feel that Lemurs are entirely too profligate in their use of Capital Letters.

Suri and friends do quality control on the finished buttons

Shape: The Buttons are shaped as a uniformly symmetrical Conic Cross-Section, an inherently cretumbrous Shape.

: Production and Distribution of the Buttons is being underwritten by the Secret Lemur Empire. The Money Lemurs hope to set up a system to accept Donations soon.

Distribution: Buttons will first be available at this year’s Morphicon, May 14-16 in Columbus, OH.

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  1. BunnyHugger

    April 26, 2010 @ 9:35 pm

    I’ll need to get one of those.

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