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Strange Weather over Neopolis

For the past few days, Neopolis has been experiencing increasingly strange weather patterns.  Initially dense fog, rain, and unseasonable snow intermingled.  But things grew even weirder.  Whirlwinds and ice-devils moved in synchronized dances and for one hour yesterday, sparks flew from any metal object with a point on it.

Eugenia Proctor (housewife and inventor of the Hypersonic Blender now used in all the finest malt shops) reported that the Northern Lights were in her kitchen, gathering all the dust and crumbs together and moving it into her wastebasket while whistling “The Ride of the Valkyries.”

Neopolis weather meteorologists first blamed the phenomena on the mixture of SpinDizzy’s atmosphere with that of Centripedus, but later went into hiding.

A fox seen running from the Neopolis Police (being pursued on multiple charges of breaking and entering) was heard to yell, “An electrical discharge takes an interest in hygiene and classical music?  Why do you think I would know anything about that?”

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