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SpinDizzy Olympics Ends with Several Bangs

The 2012 SpinDizzy Summer Olympics came to a close on Sunday, August 12, with an eventful closing ceremony at the Olympic Stadium. BunnyHugger, Olympic Co-ordinator devilbunny, announced the final rankings, revealing Dragon Team as the winner, with Team Extremely Ill-Advised in second place and Team Land Swimmers in third.  The ceremony was disrupted briefly by the appearance of Sora, winged fox and SED sniper, apparently still angry over her failure to win a medal in Shooting, but resumed peacefully and concluded with a fireworks display.

After issuing thanks to Sally, Morticon, and others, BunnyHugger announced the winning teams in reverse order, starting with Team Land Swimmers, who won a total of eight medals, then followed by Team Extremely Ill-Advised in second place with 10, and finally Dragon Team the winner with 14. As she announced each team, part of a large shrouded figure was unveiled, revealing an immense, animated metal sculpture in a modern style, representing the three teams standing on a three-part winners’ podium. Team Land Swimmers was represented by a hybrid aquatic creature, seemingly partly otter and lizard, among others. Team Extremely Ill-Advised took the form of a rat, perhaps representing the laboratory animal, holding a beaker and sextant. Dragon Team had the largest, central figure, a dragon with both aquatic and land-based features and a mixture of Western and Eastern styles; the dragon’s eyes glowed red and it breathed fire.

BunnyHugger also noted that Dragon Team had the highest overall participation, with a total of 29 medals including non-ranking copper participation medals. Second was Team Land Swimmers with 18, and third was Team Extremely Ill-Advised with 17. She added that “some teams had a very high percentage of copper medals to the number of overall medals, and I admire those teams because to me that is the definition of plucky and a show of good sportsmanship.” She named the Otherwise Other Team, Team Ringtail, Team Boolea, Team Yip, and Guest Team as falling in that category. She noted that Team Boolea ended up being the only team to not win a ranking medal, once Guest Team finally won one (a gold, tied with Beltrami) in the Old Cat match.

Just after the announcement of final medal counts, Sora appeared, causing surprise and alarm among the crowd. She had not been seen since threatening BunnyHugger over the results of the Shooting competition and then fleeing. She pulled out two handguns and proceeded to shoot out every light in the stadium, plunging the crowd into darkness. During the ensuing confusion, she apparently swooped down and took her copper medal for shooting from Chitter, squirrel, who had been holding onto all the unclaimed medals. She then flew off before she could be apprehended.

Since the stadium was already dark, BunnyHugger signaled for the fireworks to begin. Morticon presented a full-color fireworks show that drew appreciative “oohs” and cheers from the crowd. Afterward, a single spotlight shone on the animated sculpture, and as BunnyHugger declared the 2012 Olympics officially closed, the dragon figure blew fog (representing icy breath) onto the cauldron, putting out the Olympic flame.

Emergency lights were turned on, giving the spectators just enough light to make their way out of the Stadium as NBC, peacock, announced, “This has been a special presentation of NBC, the official network of the SpinDizzy Olympics.”


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