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SpinDizzy Maintenance Report

On September 21, a report came in that a small team of varying composition had gathered information on the drive system as well as carrying out repairs.

Jukka (sysadmin deer) performed efficiently and dispassionately in mapping the power distribution system from the master spindizzy to the secondary drives.

Kelketek (former SED public relater) and Azure (current SED maniacal researcher) collaborated to construct an infrasonic device to stabilise the master spindizzy while it operates at an overload capacity.

A team composed of Kelketek, Zenkuro (mad robovixen), Zeta (SED Second), Jukka, Azure, and Azure (unofficial non-leader of the AWK disorganisation) ascertained that there were five non-functional secondary drives: three still powered and connected to the system and two completely dead.

An expedition of Jukka, Azure, Kelketek, Ali (mage and bartender fox), and Zenkuro went to the site of the wrecked spaceship and found a tunnel leading to the drive, partially collapsed, in the side of the hole.

The drive was found to have been rendered immobile by a falling I-beam (likely during the ship’s crash.) Jukka completed the measurements he needed for mapping work, then departed. Ali and Zenkuro chopped and removed the I-beam piece by peace. Nigel (uninvolved hyena) showed up and provided pleasant conversation, but had no influence in any practical outcome.

The team then set about inspecting the drive. Kelketek found a replacement for a burnt out part in the Control Center, looking and smelling as if it were newly manufactured. Subsystems were powered up and tested. Eventually the drive was set spinning with electrogravitic coils powered off. Natasha Nelson (coati) assisted in safety testing of the drive and fuse replacement.

Finally the electrogravitic coils were reconnected and the drive was slaved to the master spindizzy.

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