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SpinDizzy Lands on Refueling Planet

After a series of perilous encounters and puzzles over the last few months, SpinDizzy has landed at last. Many people assisted with the complex procedure that spanned several locations on Friday evening. Austin, Azure, BunnyHugger, Flossi, Kefan, Kinsor, Royce, Skyler, Wolverine, Zeta, Beltrami, Dragoncat, Jaxen, Jimun, Morticon, Pathfinder, Roofus_roo, JasonRDT, Kelketek, Natasha, Tanooki, Valleyminks, Zenkuro, Ali, and Silvyr were among those that helped or observed (and this reporter may have missed others).

The entire underground control system was abuzz with activity for this task. The team split up, sending members to astrogation, flight control, the main control room, and the master generator.

Astrogation provided routes and communicated with the refueling planet, Centripedus. Flight control steered SpinDizzy to safety and executed the landing procedure, The main control room made sure all the complex computer systems were operating properly. Finally, the master generator team kept the main spindizzy from falling apart during some hairy maneuvers.

The landing was proceeding normally with Centripedus giving landing coordinates and a path to follow, when something got in the path. A battered and broken spindizzy had lost control of its flight systems, and was careening towards SpinDizzy.

The entire team went to work. Astrogation found a new path and a way to orbit around, then slingshot off the errant spindizzy; the master generator crew kept things from exploding; the control room adjusted the field to get SpinDizzy into the tiny orbit; and flight control performed the maneuver.

The danger past, it was discovered that both landing zones tried by the crew spontaneously filled with large trees and other flora, preventing the crew from using the sites. Eventually, it was discovered some sort of transmitter in the control center was directing the plants to prevent the landing. Once the transmitter was destroyed and an EM pulse sent out, the site was cleared and the landing commenced. It is unknown who placed the transmitter in the control center or why.  It is hoped that future adventures will answer this question.

At that point, the automatic landing program activated and the planetoid sunk into the crater-like docking bay, secured by massive clamps. The landing was complete.

[RP Note: At this point, everyone is welcome to go out and explore our temporary home! Feel free to run RPs exploring other spindizzies, which can be anything you can think up! There’s usually not a need to coordinate those, so if you can think it up, you can explore it. If you have any questions, talk to me (Morticon).]

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