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SpinDizzians Meet Up, Sing, Win Ribbons at Morphicon

Morphicon, a small furry convention held annually near Columbus, Ohio, took place May 14 through 16. SpinDizzy was represented at the convention by BunnyHugger, devilbunny; Chitter, squirrel; Suri, lemur; and Shiro, wolf.

Suri’s new SpinDizzy buttons, intended to allow SpinDizzy residents to recognize each other, had their first official distribution at Morphicon.  Suri presented BunnyHugger with two buttons, one to keep and one to pass on to Austin when she saw him next.  Chitter did not receive one, but remained silent about this apparent snub.

Although they did not attend Morphicon, Kefan, centaur, and Squizzle, squirrel, were in the Columbus area, and they arranged to meet BunnyHugger for lunch.  At Kefan’s suggestion, this small band of SpinDizzians ventured to the North Market, where dozens of stalls offer food from a variety of cuisines.  BunnyHugger opted for a Thai curry and some vegetarian sushi, while Kefan procured some Polish delicacies and Squizzle obtained a large and impressive-looking sandwich.  Afterward all three had ice cream from local legend Jeni’s.  BunnyHugger passed along Suri’s buttons to Kefan and Squizzle before parting with them and returning to the convention.

Chitter the squirrel holding a white prize ribbon.

Chitter shows off the third place ribbon he won for improvisational puppetry.

Chitter participated in the “Whose Puppet Is It Anyway?” puppet improv competition.  His remarks were frequently well-received by the audience, although he did not always do what he was supposed to be doing to earn points, often opting for sarcasm instead.  A memorable moment occurred during the Alphabet Game, in which contestants are required to start every sentence with the next letter of the alphabet.  “X” fell to Chitter, and he blurted out, “Xenophilia is my favorite kink.”  In the end, Chitter took third place and was presented with a large white ribbon.  (The first, second, and third place winners of contests this year were all given ribbons, to go along with the convention’s theme, “State Fair.”)

BunnyHugger and Shiro met outside SpinDizzy for the first time at Morphicon, and BunnyHugger passed on a SpinDizzy button to him.  On the last night of the convention, they went to the dance together, but finding it very ill-attended, left and went to the karaoke party instead.  BunnyHugger sang several songs, including “Baker Street” by Gerry Rafferty, and Shiro participated in a lively rendition of AC/DC’s “Big Balls.”

BunnyHugger said, “I think Morphicon might be my favorite of the three conventions that I attend every year, and this was an especially good one for me.  I loved the theme, and the nightly karaoke was great.”  She added, “Chitter and I are looking forward to Midwest Furfest and would like to meet up with any other SpinDizzians who will be there.”


  1. Findra


    May 20, 2010 @ 9:38 am

    I wish that I could have gone to Morphicon. *sigh* Oh well. Thank you for the excellent write-up, BunnyHugger!

  2. BunnyHugger

    May 20, 2010 @ 10:32 am

    Maybe next year, Findra?

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