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Second Mayoral Debate Transcript

Below is a transcript of the questions and responses asked at Mina White’s second debate for the 2012 Mayoral Election. A more complete transcript is also available in the election archives.

Mina says, “The first questions are easy: Introduce yourself. Do you like cookies? What’s your favorite kind? What do you like to do for fun?”

JasonRDT arfs, “Okay! Well my name is Jason Redford Drifter-Trenner, Special Agent to the SED. My favorite cookies are white chocolate macadamia and I like creating temporal paradoxes and developing magitechnology for fun.”

Squawk kii!wii! cook!kie! He gives a little booty shake and nuzzles the nearest candidate with his beak.

Enkeli grins and waves a paw, “Hi, I’m Enkeli Vasa! Chief Engineer of the Freeloader and proprietress of the bar there. I do like cookies, peanut butter is my favorite. What do I do for fun? build robots! lots of robots. And tend bar and talk to people. I love getting to know people and hangin’ out with people who come visit. I have interests in building all kinds of things and I love tinkering too.”

Ali says, “I’m Alisande Marianne Silverlode, late of the City of Pain, and originally from the duchy of Garony. Cookies are delicious, I’m partial to the marshmallowy ones with red jam within, and I am a builder, mage, and gamesmith, by both vocation and avocation.”

BunnyHugger says, “I’m BunnyHugger, a devilbunny from some version of early 21st century Earth, where I defected from a devilbunny warren in disagreement with their intention to subvert, enslave, and sometimes eat humanity. And squirrels. In the audience there is my campaign manager, Chitter, also from that earth. My favorite cookies are probably chocolate chip, though I also really like sugar cookies with royal icing, but only if they’re done well. For fun I like to ride roller coasters and carousels, and talk about amusement park history.”

Featherwing intones, “My name is Featherwing, I enjoy getting to know new creatures around here, and having fun with the creatures I already know” He says, whilst petting Squawk too. “I’m a science officer of the LunaStar clan that has taken on many forms.”

Ali says, “And may I say that a platter with all the candidate cookies sounds delicious.”

Mina says, “Next question: What does being Mayor mean? Is it just a made up, for fun position, or is there something more to it? How does the position of mayor relate to the helpstaff and wizards?”

Squawk plumps down on the table and thinks really hard for a moment. kii! wii! He kicks a leg out to make his point.

JasonRDT arfs, “Well, the mayor position is ‘made up’ by nature, right? Although I think the essence of the question is asking, ‘Is it something to be taken seriously?’ And I say no. Well, yes, the mayor has responsibilities that they (pardon singular they if you are that kind of person) must take care for, but in the end it’s meant to be fun and games, which is what SpinDizzy–to me–is about.”

Enkeli grins, “Well, I think first and foremost it IS supposed to be fun. If it’s not fun, you’re doing it wrong. But, that being said, it’s really about spreading the fun. Making the Spindizzy a better, more entertaining place for all it’s occupants and more attractive for people to come here. I think working with staff and wizards is important, but it’s more about serving the public and helping to organize entertainment and fun.”

JasonRDT arfs, “Regarding their relation to wizards and helpstaff; the mayor might be an excellent person for welcoming people to SpinDizzy. An ambassador, you could say, and they can work with wizzes and helpers that way. But the true meat of the mayor’s position comes from the general population, the ones who voted them in the first place. And I don’t think that the mayor should pander to the people, but synergize with them.”

BunnyHugger says, “I think being Mayor has two functions, a social/role-playing/IC function, and an OOC function that I hope to help develop. The former has been its primary function so far, but I would like to see it taken further as being the IC legitimate government of SpinDizzy for things like the Landing Plot. The latter, I think, should be a sort of ombudsman role, in which the Mayor can help mediate between players and wizards, both by getting a feel for the world’s pulse (issues that might be arising, the general mood of the populace) and conveying that to the wizards, and by providing an open door that citizens can use to express anonymous concerns that can then be carried to the wizards as the people’s representative. In short, I think the Mayor can serve as the people’s representative in the government of SpinDizzy, though a formally non-voting representative.”

Ali says, “Officially, and originally, it was a figurehead only. However, our current and past mayors elevated the position to something truly important in our society; a fulcrum of leadership for the joy of the populace to rest on. Now I believe that the Mayor’s job is to promote events, bring rare errors to the attention of the Wizards, and generally improve the experience of SpinDizzy for everyone.”

Featherwing intones, “In terms of this campaign, I believe that the position is somewhat for fun. Like Enkeli said, the position of the mayor is to help organize things and make things more enjoyable for the others. I see no correlation between the position and the wiz/helpstaff.”

Ali says, “Regarding the Wizards, the position is largely up to them; but all of us have the ear of at least one friendly wizard, so I foresee no trouble communicating with them. Regarding the helpstaff… it is worfully outdated, and one of my campaign promises is to replace the existing helpstaff with people who are actually here and helpful on a consistent basis.”

BunnyHugger says, “I would like to note as an admirer of our first Mayor, Beltrami, I do not think I would want to say she was ever merely a figurehead. Much of my opinion about the mayor’s role comes from my observation of how she blazed the trail.”

Ali says, “That’s what I said, BunnyHugger. It became so much more in the hands of our current and past Mayors. Beltrami is our only past Mayor.”

BunnyHugger says, “Yes, our current and past mayors are both of the ones in the room, and Beltrami originated the position. Thus anything we can say about what it was ‘originally’ was her innovation.”

Mina mms, “A related question: Would you have considered a different title for the position of Mayor? If so, what would you have called it?”

Squawk squawks! He seems to be smirking.

JasonRDT eh?

Featherwing doesn’t think he’d change the title, as what else would there be to call it?

Enkeli giggles, “Governor or Governor General may be more appropriate, because there are more than one city … more like a state-sized region… but people are used to the title Mayor so I have no particular intent to change it unless other people agreed!”

JasonRDT coughs. “W-well. I haven’t given much thought to that question. Mayor is a nice, IC description of what he does, and while it has its connotations, I think the community can look past ’em.”

BunnyHugger says, “I would have chosen the title that it has. I can see why someone would find it unsuitable, because we really are not just a single city, but rather seem to contain at least one major city center (Neopolis) as well as smaller ones. However, I think the title was chosen in keeping with MUCK tradition, as FurryMUCK, I know, traditionally had a Mayor. And I do like a bit of deference to tradition that way.”

Ali isn’t sure which question she should be answering right now, and decides to go with the official one. “Difficult to say. It’s a social role more than anything else. Besides, amalgamated municipalities have one Mayor, too.

BunnyHugger says, “I suppose if we regard the cities of SpinDizzy as boroughs then that makes quite a bit of sense.”

Ali says, “Also, ‘Lord Mayor’ has such a delightfully pompous ring to it. And chain.”

BunnyHugger says, “Lord Mayor is the title used on FurToonia.”

Featherwing intones, “How many confirmed cities are there in SpinDizzy? Aside from the obvious of Neopolis?”

Mina thinks, “There are a few small cities and towns, but mostly it’s just regions on the map. Which brings me to the next question!”
Mina asks, “With the scavenger hunt, people have noticed that there is a lot of SpinDizzy that rarely gets to be seen and used. As mayor, are there favorite hidden locales you’d like to show case? How would you do so?”

JasonRDT arfs, “More cities so I can conquer them!”

Squawk starts hopping excitedly around on the table and whistling.

Mina looks to Squawk?

Squawk was answering the question!

Mina grins. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

BunnyHugger says, “I would really like to have the Glimmersea not only get more attention but be more coherent. I have already taken possession of a number of squares in the vicinity of the current sea with the intention of expanding the sea north of Edgeworld Park. And I have spoken some with Austin about the possibility of making a bit more sense out of some of the current geography of the sea.”

Ali grins. “Certainly there are. And I would do it just like I did it two nights ago: by hosting an event there! Most of the people here tonight came to my Danse Macabre – ” she looks at the audience – “… and thank you all for coming, that makes it all worthwhile!”

JasonRDT arfs, “Well, we went through all the trouble of signing papers–well, I signed papers, but you had the idea–of getting Spengo. I’m a bit disappointed that it’s not used more, and I believe most of it’s undeveloped.”

Squawk perks up at mention of Spengo. Kiwis in space!

Ali uses public parties, BunnyHugger takes it as an excuse for a massive land grab?!

BunnyHugger says, “Actually, there is a project to work on developing Spengo already underway, it’s just moving a bit slowly for various reasons.”

JasonRDT arfs, “Ah! I see.”

JasonRDT notes this down, but will still pester Morticon for a proper Moon Base for the SED–er, you didn’t hear any of that!

Enkeli hrrms and thinks a little on the question. “I’m not sure there are place to showcase just to show them off. The point is more to integrate the rich building what’s been done into roleplay. We have lovely farming villages, industrial cities, experimental power plants, spaceports, and all kinds of stuff. Let’s use these locales when they suit a story and make the world come alive, rather than just encourage touring.”

Featherwing ponders this and says, “Out of rememberance of Findra, I’d also like to focus on Dolphinholm as a landmark worth remembering, as that’s where I’d find her a lot. I would do that through RP events and other festivities at that locale.

Mina looks over at Ali, “There’s lots of open land that can be claimed.”

BunnyHugger smiles. “I like building, and helping develop the geography here.”

Ali nods to Featherwing. “Sombre, though. It will be hard to have the kinds of events there that Findra herself liked.”

Ali looks at Hugger. “As do I, having performed major building projects both here and in my capacity as a Wizard on two other MUCKs.

Mina notes we are talking about SpinDizzy here.

Featherwing intones, “True, but since I saw her there a lot, there should be more things happening there, not necessarily what she’d have liked, but just events in general.”

Ali nods to Featherwing.

Ali is merely mentioning a qualification that not many people here knew.

Squawk frowns a little. He seem to have something on his mind, but is unable to express it.

Mina looks to Ali, a question given to her from the audience, “Ali, your comment there was a little mean. Was that ‘land grab’ comment fair? There’s a lot of open land here, and anyone can claim it.”

Ali says, “The coast and much of the interior of the Glimmersea is already developed, Mina. And already has its own development initiatives – such as Claude’s recycling center, which opened a few days ago.”

Ali says, “I would much rather hear the people’s voice on a subject like this than simply snatch up a huge swath of land and alter the landscape by fiat.”

Mina mms, “That’s a good question: Should the mayor have some say in building projects or how our world is shaped?” Mina asks that to all the candidates.

Squawk shakes his little head.

JasonRDT arfs, “I think that they should supervise it, but not outright say what can and cannot be done.”

Ali says, “Absolutely. But it’s a matter of ‘some say’, not ’eminent domain’. Building new public projects is absolutely the purvey of the Mayor – but any citizen can do that, and should. Massive changes like altering the shape of the world are the bailiwick of the Wizards.”

Enkeli smiles, “No, I don’t see any point to that. The mayor may choose to pursue building projects, but that should not limit or impact other people’s desires to expand on the world.”

BunnyHugger says, “The Mayor can certainly provide leadership on such initiatives just as she can provide leadership on many issues. But I see building as mostly the task of citizens, and one of the most rewarding things any citizen here can do. I also think that owning a few squares near Edgeworld to help provide some coherence to the immediate vicinity isn’t particularly odd or demanding; Edgeworld itself all fits into one square, my choice to avoid unnecessary grid square ownership. But, as has been noted, there is a very considerable amount of empty space in the world and we are not running out of room. I look forward to seeing what everyone will do with it in the future.”

Ali says, “Yes, I also look forward to seeing what *everyone* will do with it.”

BunnyHugger says, “Also, as a note, the ideas I had about the sea were discussed with Austin, thus fitting Ali’s concern about wizardly approval.”

Ali mm. “Yes. That definitely fits my concerns…”

Austin says, “I believe we had also discussed them with Skyler; the idea of rationalizing the muck’s geography is one that’s regularly floating around, if I may add.”

Skyler says, “I can speak in turn for the wizards asking involved parties about changes to the sea edge to accomodate the park.”

Mina makes room for fluffy on the stage. They’re welcome to chime in, or wait for the next question.

Ali wonders if Gilead wants to join the forum as well.

Mina says, “Also, please welcome fluffy to the stage! They are also running for mayor.”

Mina re-asks, for fluffy and any other latecomers, “That’s a good question: Should the mayor have some say in building projects or how our world is shaped?”

fluffy says, “Insofar as the mayor is also a citizen of this world, of course – but everyone should have some say in building projects!”

Mina nods. “Next question… Do you plan to make any changes to the official holiday list? As a followup, is there a favorite kind of event you think we don’t have well-represented on SpinDizzy that you’d like to see and run more of?”

Squawk nods enthusiastically.

fluffy says, “I would allow it to atrophy via apathy and attrition, until nobody gives a second thought to holidays to begin with.”

JasonRDT arfs, “I only serve as the mouthpiece for the citizens on the official holiday list, like I mentioned in the previous debate. The ultimate decision is to fall upon the citizens after all. Thaaaat said, I’d love to see a day celebrating flowers. Everyone loves flowers!”

BunnyHugger says, “I don’t plan to remove any current holidays, as I don’t see any reason to take anything off the calendar and they are the legacy of Mayor Beltrami, but I would certainly be open to the addition of new holidays suggested by the citizens if there is demand for them. I think we already have a good array of kinds of events, though I wouldn’t mind seeing more game nights (e.g. Boggle night) and perhaps more public RP that is less structured but still IC.”

Ali says, “That is a definite yes and yes. Holiday reform, vox populi, is a specific part of my platform. Events I’ve seen that were very popular and absent now include beach parties, GenderBender Day, and various games. I have been thinking about starting some game shows, actually.”

Squawk seems to have a very strong opinion on this question, hopping around and kicking his legs out. It isn’t quite clear whether that’s a yes or a no, though.

Featherwing intones, “In response to that question about Mayoral land-shaping, I honestly don’t have a worry one way or the other. As for the holidays, I can’t think of any absolute changes that are necessary, other than the ways the organizers (mayor included) actually do the organization.”

BunnyHugger says, “Of course, I’ll add that I don’t think all recurring events have to be ‘holidays’ per se. We have karaoke nights fairly regularly without having any specific karaoke holiday. Perhaps there’s gotten to be too much emphasis on whether things are holidays or not.”

Enkeli smiles, “Yes, I do plan to change the holiday list. I want to bring the holidays to more of a popular vote kind of thing. I feel like some of the current holidays really cater to one or two people and are just kind of ‘huh? Who cares?’ for the bulk of the population. I’d like to try and arrange for some more universally enjoyable holidays, and put them up for vote. My goal would be to have at least a holiday per month so there is always something going on.”

Mina says, “A followup, asked by a member of the audience: How do you plan to handle holidays that are less successful or unpopular?”

fluffy says, “Death ray from outer space.”

JasonRDT arfs, “I’d start by seeing if there was any way to make it more popular first. If not, we hold a referendum to strike it from the list first!”

Ali says, “I intend to retire the least popular holidays and replace them with themed events that proved to be popular but aren’t holidays already – such as the Genderbender Day I mentioned.”

BunnyHugger says, “I plan to create more interesting events for existing holidays. For instance, my plan for Iceberg Day in future would be to make it a mini Winter Games. Really, I think the primary problem with our holidays has been a failure to organize events for them rather than any problem with the actual dates on the calendar or the (intentionally broadly drawn) names of them.”

Squawk whistles approvingly at Enkeli’s response.

Featherwing intones, “I would set up a poll and ask people how I could change things pertaining to that particular holiday. Then work with organizers to put the info from the poll into use.”
Mina nodnods, tail swishing. She looks at her sheet for the next question.

Ali nods at Featherwing. “Polls, absolutely.

Mina says, “I’m going to move away from events for a little bit, and then return to them as the topic flows to them. Here’s a fun question: Which mayoral candidate would you vote for if you couldn’t vote for yourself? You don’t have to elaborate if you don’t want.”

Ali says, “Enkeli. Not a doubt. Everyone, vote for me, then Enkeli, then Jason.”

JasonRDT looks left, right, left, right. “I’d say Ali.”

BunnyHugger says, “That is a hard question because there are a lot of good candidates, but I would choose Featherwing, because he is enthusiastic, friendly to everyone, and has the right sort of SpinDizzy spirit.”

Ali hee

Enkeli hrms and smiles, “I’d say I’d vote Ali, then Jason, at this point,” she responds.

fluffy says, “Just don’t vote for me. I’m not sure who I’m voting for yet. Probably BunnyHugger. I voted for her last time, but only on the merit of cuteness because I didn’t really know anybody here at the time. Now I know everyone, and yeah, still BunnyHugger.”

Mina says, “Next question! What is the very first thing you intend to do as Mayor?”

Squawk kii! wii!

JasonRDT arfs, “Take over the wor–Um, start rehashing the holiday lists, as well as start long-term planning on building projects.”

Ali says, “Throw a great big party. Then set to work on the holidays.”

fluffy says, “The very first thing I would do as mayor is institute martial law under penalty of tissue harvesting. And then I would harvest everyone else’s tissues too.”

JasonRDT arfs, “Oh, wait! My inaugral party. Yeah, that too!”

JasonRDT arfs, “What about hankerchiefs, fluffy?”

Ali says, “I’m beginning to think the broadcast station should be used again. Hmmm…. I have lots of ideas, the only problem will be ordering them.”

Squawk partee! He spins around, shaking his booty. Hop hop hop. Chirp chirp chirp.

Enkeli smiles, “First thing? Work on a roleplay counsel. I want to start organizing the people who would like to run roleplays right away, so that we can get some lead time on that. Good plots and stories can take time to set up, and therefore it’s vital that we get that ball rolling so that we can get a good schedule together.”

Ali says, “As mayor, I promise not to harvest the tissues of anyone who didn’t willingly present them to me. Also, I need to appoint my shift counselors.”

BunnyHugger says, “If the new election guidelines haven’t been set down yet by then, then that will be my first order of business. But I understand they are supposed to be in place by the time the new Mayor comes in? … In which case, the first thing I will do is have an inaugural party, followed by talks with the wizards on how to better take the people’s wishes into account in wizardly decision-making.”

JasonRDT earperks. “Shift counselors being your proxy at your off-hours?”

Ali says, “More their representatives, Jason, but much like that, yes.”

Mina says, “Umm.. next question! Have you given thought to whom you might ask to be involved in your administration and how you plan to work …plan to work with them?”

Squawk nods enthusiastically. He peers out into the audience, as if looking for someone, but he can’t see very far.

JasonRDT arfs, “The idea of shift counselors came up, and I’m not going to be shameful in saying that that is a great idea, and I’ll use it for myself if I were to become mayor.”

Featherwing intones, “Honestly? Not yet. I haven’t really given a lot of thought as to who my deputy mayor would be…”

fluffy says, “I will be my own deputy mayor. We will both be terrible.”

Ali nods and smiles. “Indeed. As most of you have heard, Westly Roanoke has joined me as my running mate and will be deputy mayor if I’m elected. He has some interesting ideas of his own for events and is deeply interested in RP. Furthermore, I will need at least one, possibly two, shift counselors: people who are usually here at times I’m not, and who can help me include the people who are usually here at those times in any events that come up.

BunnyHugger says, “I am waiting until after the election to appoint a Deputy Mayor, which was the practice by the previous mayors and, I think, a good one: choosing after the election will allow me more options. I do have some tentative plans about who to ask, but cannot reveal them at this time. I will probably also choose a morning shift co-ordinator, but will not name a great deal of extra positions because I would rather just develop good relations with a lot of people who I can call on when I know they might help me with things like running events. I don’t see a need to be very formal about giving appointments out. Chitter, of course, will continue to be a close adviser.”

fluffy says, “Not sure it’s a good idea for me to clone myself, though, being a clone already. I guess I’ll burn that bridge after I cross it.”

Ali says, “Plus, I’d like to maintain at least one advisor ‘seat’ on my staff for a past mayor, who can help with the one thing none of us on the ballot have: experience as Mayor of SpinDizzy. Honestly, I’d like both, if they’d have me.”

Enkeli grins, “Azure, obviously, is my first appointee as Deputy Mayor. I haven’t yet talked to anybody about becoming a shift counselor as the others are calling them, but I do think that will be helpful. ”
Mina grins. Next question! “Other than holidays, what are the most important issues facing SpinDizzy today, and how would you handle them?”

JasonRDT arfs, “One! Lack of people. Not saying that we need a lot of people like the bigger MUCKs, since that may promote cliques, but we need fresh people to bring fresh RP ideas to our wonderful land.”

fluffy says, “Sometimes I think we have too many people, and the very large public roleplays are too crowded. Perhaps that can be mitigated with a shrink ray, however.”

Enkeli smiles, “RP, RP, RP. I think we need to keep a steady stream of stuff going on here, and I think that helps out in other areas like encouraging immigration of more people. I think we should have scheduled roleplays, try to have at least onea month, and we should use the newspaper as a way to post and advertise these events to potential outsiders who may want to come join in.”

JasonRDT arfs, “Two! Lack of development. I’ve been told that certain lunar satellites are being developed; regardless, there’s a bunch of places here that’s nothing but tumbleweed and cacti. Three! Lack of, well, MUCKwide Roleplays. I enjoyed Repair, Landing, Latransients, and Refuling, but there really hasn’t been much to go on after that. …Either that, or I’ve been uber busy with school. Haha.”

Squawk sits down and thinks about this very hard. He seems to doze off for a few minutes, but suddenly opens his eyes. He stands up, kicks out with one leg. Cook!ee!! He pauses and nods. Arrr!peee!

Ali says, “I’d say locational and informational atrophy, Mina. Morticon’s scavenger hunt – despite a couple of inhumanly harsh clues – was an excellent way to introduce seldom-seen parts of the world. I’d like to continue with events and prizes in lots of locations that are unfamiliar or even currently nonexistent. Fixing informational atrophy, like the extremely outdated website and helpstaff, is an important plank in my platform.”

BunnyHugger says, “I think the most important problem is also a very surmountable one, and that is lack of involvement. Not by everyone, and not all the time, but something that can strike anyone quite easily, when we have to compete with that ‘other world’ that Chitter does not acknowledge the existence of. The Mayor can use her leadership to help create opportunities for involvement. I find leading by example with one’s own enthusiastic involvement is generally the best approach.”

Squawk flaps his wing stubs and looks around meaningfully. Obviously the biggest issue that needs to be fixed is his lack of flight.

Featherwing intones, “I have to agree with Jason there, new faces to interact with on (hopefully) a near daily basis would be lovely. I don’t really see RPing as an overly prominent issue, as we do enough of that, even if it is crowded…”

BunnyHugger says, “I also enjoy MUCK-wide, long-term events, and I did organize two World’s Fairs and a Winter Olympics that both drew a great deal of participation and lasted multiple weeks. There is also going to be an upcoming Summer Olympics.”

Ali says, “I’m strongly in favor of MUCKwide roleplay, but I think leading from within would work better than by example. Someone has to prepare the experiences for everyone else to enjoy.”

Beltrami points to the helpstaff list and pats her chest proudly.

Ali says, “Oh, I see. No, I wouldn’t want to remove you from the helpstaff, Beltrami; you’re usually here and definitely helpful.”

BunnyHugger says, “I’m not sure there’s a strong distinction between ‘by example’ and ‘from within.’ At least, not in the way I’m thinking about it. I lead several events ‘from within’ but I hoped that my own enthusiasm would lead ‘by example.'”

Squawk tilts his head at BunnyHugger and appears to frown, but he vocalizes nothing.

Skyler ahems. “If I may, Ali, the call of who is or is not on helpstaff is not, and has not, and would not be the purview of a mayor.”

Ali says, “No, but calling bthe wizards to action is.”

Enkeli smiles. “I’d like to get on helpstaff one of these days, myself.”

Ali says, “I actually did volunteer, Enkeli.”

Sally raises a wing. “I’m not sure I understand the distinction of leading ‘from within’ and ‘by example’. Could that be clarified?”

Squawk turns his glance towards Ali, still frowning a little. He clearly disagrees with what several candiates are saying.

Mina waits to let Sally’s question be answered. As a reminder, questions can be paged to her to be asked near the end.

BunnyHugger says, “Well, when I said ‘by example’ I simply meant that I always hope my excitement about events and the MUCK will be infectious. It’s also the approach I take to teaching.”

Ali says, “Certainly. I mean the distinction between a participant in an event, and an MC or, to use a tabletopism, a ‘dungeon master’. Someone who isn’t having the same experience as most people, and is part of the event rather than an attendee.”

Mina says, “Next question….” Mina checks her sheet. And asks, “What do you think about the centers of social activity somewhat moving away from the rose garden? An example would be the Freeloader or the Scientiki lounge. Does this have the effect of splitting our populace up? Are we large enough in population to need several gathering areas?”

fluffy says, “We do need multiple gathering areas. If everyone hangs out in one spot, it gets very overwhelming.”

JasonRDT arfs, “Hmm. I think that essentially the entire populace is all at one location, no? IF not one, the other, then the other.”

fluffy says, “And of course I have a vested interest in getting as many specimens… er, rather, customers as possible.”

Ali says, “A group of any size can have any number of meeting areas if it moves rather than splits, which is what mostly happens – I usually find the vast majority of people hanging out in the Freeloader xor at the Garden, not both.”

Enkeli smiles, “I’d like to point out that it’s not really moving away. It’s actually rather migratory… people go from place to place. And it’s true, on busy night, having the ability to split people up a bit is nice. Sometimes you don’t want to mingle in a huge crowd, and people tend to select their location of choice based on interest.”

Squawk hops around nuzzling candidates in turn. Obviously he thinks having everyone in one place means he gets more cuddles.

BunnyHugger says, “I think it’s fun to have multiple gathering areas, so you can experience different settings and ambiences, and sometimes also to provide perhaps a ‘quieter’ and a ‘noisier’ room to choose from. I don’t have a problem with it. I do like to keep the Rose Garden the primary center of activity, though, and if it looks like it’s been abandoned for a while I usually go there to encourage colonizing it.”

Ali says, “That said, yes, there is definitely a use for the multiple areas; they are for different things, different ambiences, different purposes. For example, Claude uses an old public place as the meeting room for the Writers’ Guilds.”

JasonRDT coughs. “I do like the rose garden as a general hub idea, but also as a chatroom-type thing.”

Enkeli nods, “Some days the rose is popular, somedays the tiki, somedays the freeloader. It’s just the mood of the day, more or less.”

Mina looks at a newly made sheet. She’s getting to the audience questions now…. but before that… “This should be interesting! How many of you candidates want to ask a question of the others? Raise your hand if so!”

Squawk hops up and down.

Ali remains still and smiles. “No thanks, I’m a blurter anyway.”

BunnyHugger shakes her head. “I’m happy with what I’ve listened to.”

Enkeli giggles, “I don’t have a question for anybody.”

Featherwing doesn’t have any extraneous questions.

fluffy says, “I have a question. How did I end up here, again?”

Mina smiles and blushes. “OK. On to the audience questions then!” Mina looks through her sheet…

Squawk hops up and down again, until he’s noticed.

Mina nods? “Go ahead and ask, Squawk, while I’m picking the next question!”

Squawk steps to the front of the table, turns around to address the other candidates, and asks very meaningfully. Kii… Wii?

fluffy says, “I’m more of a PS3 gamer, myself.”

Squawk snrks and nods to fluffy.

Ali nods sagely.

BunnyHugger says, “I’ll have to consult with my advisers after the election to answer that.”

JasonRDT arfs, “Yes, of course you can be my lapkiwi when I take over SpinDizzy by Force and Subjugation.”

Enkeli says, “Kiwi’s are tasty and delightful! I should figure out some drinks to make out of them.”

Mina says, “Here’s an audience submitted question: How do you plan to make yourself available to the public for input?”

Squawk’s eyes go wide. Squawk turns around to face the audience again. He sits and preens. He is always available for cuddles.

JasonRDT arfs, “Page-mailing is the most obvious, of course. I’d also want to be online as much as, you know, I can without disrupting my RLside work, so I can be talked to directly.”

fluffy says, “I will place a suggestion box at the very bottom of a rather deep elevator shaft that has been filled with ether.”

JasonRDT arfs, “I’ll also be okay with you IMing or e-mailing me, if you want those as well. Phone calls are kinda eh.”

BunnyHugger says, “Informally, in the usual way: by getting my attention when I’m around — which is a lot — or by page mail. Formally, I will probably solicit questions of general interest for a newspaper column, as well as holding occasional town hall meetings.”

Enkeli grins, “I try to be pretty available as it is, seeing as I’m already someone who provides public services. However, I think having office hours might be a good idea, along with being responsive to p#mail. I am on both in the mornings and evenings, and am relatively easy to find and get in contact with!”

Ali says, “It seems to me that there are plenty of communications channels available. My shift counselors will make sure that it should be possible to get a message to a live mayoral ear 24-7.”

Mina grins. “A question for Squawk: Would you like a psionic translation device, if it were available? One chirp for yes, two for no. There is concern it might be difficult for you to communicate with the public. And for everyone else: What do the candidates personally imagine a fully developed Spindizzy to look like?”

JasonRDT arfs, “I can’t answer that, Mina. I can’t read minds–that well, at least.”

Squawk hmms. He thinks about it really hard. He chirps once. And pauses, and just when it seems like he’s finished, he chirps again.

BunnyHugger says, “I don’t think I like to imagine a ‘fully developed’ SpinDizzy at all. I think we will always have undeveloped territories, full of promise. I like thinking new things will always have space to arise.”

JasonRDT arfs, “I know this’ll sound really corny, but… I mean, my vision for mayor is to cheer the people onto molding their own little piece of SpinDizzy for themselves.”

Enkeli grins to the crowd, “A fully developed Spindizzy? Hrm. A place with more newcomers and a lot of happy people that have things to look forward to. I don’t think its much up to the Mayor what it “looks like”, more it’s up to the mayor to help it be a more friendly, happy, interesting place. Its more about feelings than appearances, in that.”

Ali says, “I think that it’s not up to us to imagine a FULLY developed SpinDizzy. We’re just here temporarily to help and guide it; it’s up to the thriving society over the course of the coming years to make SpinDizzy be all it can be. We can only do so much with the little time we have.”

Squawk responds to the other question by hopping and bopping around. He nods at various candidates and nuzzles them, as they speak. He seems to agree with everyone.

fluffy says, “I think a fully-developed SpinDizzy will look like a web2.0 application, with the most banal and pointless conversations that lead everyone to install comment filters. So I would prefer that we do not develop it to that point.”

Mina says, “Now, this one is interesting, but I Could see some having this view: I worry that Spin Dizzy is losing it’s sense of whimsy and irreverence, and that an effort to make the geography of the muck ‘make sense’ diminishes it’s character, that an increase the amount of ‘regimented fun’ specified by public office will stifle those of us who preferred to improvise. How do you address my worries?” Mina notes they are doing audience submitted questions.

fluffy says, “We could always randomly swap grid links to turn the space non-Euclidean. Make it so that you have to go North, West, South, West to progress out of the Rose Garden, for example.”

BunnyHugger says, “I don’t think that having role playing opportunities that are more structured, or relatively unstructured ones such as I tend to run, stifles anything. It doesn’t remove all the unscheduled time in the day and in the week, which is most of it! I don’t intend to stop people from having fun ad hoc whenever they like. That’s the job of the citizens.”

Squawk is ALL ABOUT whimsy and irreverence.

BunnyHugger says, “And I do think most of the grid is quite whimsical and with little connection to what’s next to it. I just like that there are a few areas with more coherence, but certainly it’s never going to be entirely laid out in some sort of master plan, by any means.”

Enkeli hrrms! and smiles, “First off, scheduled play is not even vaguely exclusive with spontaneous improvisational stuff. Seriously, improv play is vital. And I think whimsy and irreverence can be helped out by the stories told in the plays. Stuff like the color-eating monster plot that I ran awhile back — silly, wacky fun for wohmever who wants in on it. I think its important to keep the plots light hearted if possible, or at least interleave the light hearted with the more serious stuff to try and please as many folks as possible.

BunnyHugger nods to Enkeli.

Ali says, “I agree completely. My office aims to provide options only; forcing anything to be mandatory just to clean it up or make it coherent would be a mistake around here. It’s part of why I’m against a wholesale redevelopment of the Glimmersea, or of an anything else. SpinDizzy is a world of completely random people from completely random worlds, and I think it’s important to maintain our infinite diversity in infinite combinations.”

Ali says, “Which is not mutually exclusive with building some things and running some events.”

BunnyHugger says, “I’m not in favor of ‘wholesale redevelopment’ of anything, by the way, just in case anyone sees any straw falling on me.”

Ali chuckles. “I still have those monsters locked up somewhere, Enkeli.

JasonRDT earlowers, and says quietly, “I don’t think any of us is forcing anybody to do anything. While we’d like SpinDizzy as a whole to participate in events, whether one-shots or story arcs, there’s no mandation. All of us approve of people going of and doing their own things. SpinDizzy is really a place to meet people and do fun things with them, whether it’s through MUCK-wide roleplays or with a bunch of people you chose yourself. All of us being all of us mayors. I… think.”

Ali shrugs at BunnyHugger. “You said ‘I would really like to have the Glimmersea … be more coherent. I have already taken possession of a number of squares in the vicinity of the current sea’. That certainly SOUNDS like wholesale redevelopment, and I can only interpret what you say.”

BunnyHugger says, “And I can correct your interpretation, but let’s move on.”

Mina grins, blushing. “OK, two more questions before closing statements. One set concerns social, the other RP. So… here we go! To what extent should the mayor generate social activity, as opposed to letting the community at large craft events? What sorts of events would you hold as Mayor? Would you build lots of statues?”

JasonRDT arfs, “Yay statues!”

Squawk perks up at mention of statues. He strikes a pose.

fluffy says, “I will not build any statues. However, I will find whatever statues I can and zap them with an animation ray. Perhaps they will turn into Mickey Mouse.”

Enkeli says, “The mayor is about coordination, not necessarily about generation. No statues 🙂 I will come up with ideas, but the same as I would as non-mayor; my ideas get the same billing as everyone else’s, and ultimately it’s the mayor’s job to facilitate other people’s events. I’ll help fill the gaps if I can’t find contributers, but from what I know of the population, that won’t be an issue. We have a lot of people who want to contribute but might not have a way to voice or coordinate what they want to do.”

fluffy says, “Typewriters for everyone!”

JasonRDT arfs, “I’m going to agree with Enkeli, except for the statues part.” A smirk. “But joking aside, yeah, as mayor my ideas will undergo the same process as anyone else’s ideas for events.”

Ali says, “There will be parties, new kinds of games, and various sorts of RP. As I am only a sporadic roleplayer myself, this is one of the main roles Westly will have in my administration: helping create that. I think it’s a false dichotomy to suggest that anything the mayor’s office does opposes ‘letting’ citizens do anything; quite the opposite, being the mayor is a promise to lift that burden from the citizens who for whatever reason feel they can’t run events, and provide fun for everyone.”

Featherwing intones, “Well, for me it would depend on the time of year and natural holidays that may occur. Like Enkeli says, they could also coordinate with the Mayor to help set it up…”

BunnyHugger says, “I think the community at large always has done most of the crafting of events, and I hope that will continue. The Mayor is there to run some events, true, but certainly the Mayor should not run all events, or even most events. I think the Mayor should also participate in others’ events when possible! As Mayor, I would probably continue holding many of the same kinds of events I currently run, but would provide advice and help for others who want to run their own. As for statues, well, we’ll probably have another statue for this summer’s Olympics.”

Squawk looks surprised at BunnyHugger’s response, but nods.

Ali says, “Statues? My administration is neutral on the issue of statues. We can always put some in if people want them.”

Ali rubs her chin. Ali says, “You know what? I think my administration will include an event outreach officer. I only recently realized that any citizen can in fact post events to the event board; a few tutorials and invitations in that direction would probably go over well. Relatively recently, that is. A few months ago. I used to think one HAD to be the mayor or a wizard or ask them.”

Squawk nods.

Skyler says, “…boy. I had hoped that [+] add event, when any player checks eventlist, would have made that clear.”

Mina looks to Skyler, “Sometimes things can be missed.”

Skyler says, “True, that.”

Ali nods to Skyler, “Plus, there’s the issue of whether one *should*, or would that be frowned on. Someone who’s relatively new might not know it’s welcomed.” Ali knows for sure that she was worried about it. Not that people could tell she ever worries about doing things that would be frowned on. :/

Mina says, “And … last question before closing statements. It’s related, though concerns RP. We had a lot of questions on events and stuff, so I tried to pick the most relevant. What will the mayor do, specifically, to encourage IC Roleplay? Will they help to develop storylines or gather a few writers that would like to run a story that would involve small groups of like-minded people?”

JasonRDT arfs, “The mayor is a cheerleader, at least in the context of SD.”

BunnyHugger says, “I think the holiday events and carnivals and things like that provide a good opportunity for IC interaction even though they’re not structured roleplay with plots. I tend to interact IC most of the time, and I think the simple fact of being IC and chatting IC with people tends to provide opportunities for people to tell their own IC stories. There are already good cores of people here who do more structured RP, with actual ongoing plots and so on; perhaps they could be encouraged to do more public plots, but I think the Mayor’s job is more to provide RP settings that are less formal and thus less intimidating to some people.”

Featherwing intones, “The second option our esteemed moderator mentioned would be the most prudent, as so many things can crop up at the same time that may require more than one to plan…”

Enkeli smiles, “It’s important to get a lot of input and let different people take charge. It;s not so much about like-minded people, as it is about people in general — we need to make sure we get some good variety as we are a group of people her with varied tastes. So… as mayor, it’s important for me to find people who want to tell stories, and to facilitate ‘realizing’ those stories publicly.

Ali thinks and thinks.

JasonRDT ponders and ponders.

Mina folds up the sheet and puts it in her pocket. She waits a little while longer for the others to respond.

JasonRDT arfs, “Like BH said, events certainly help. They’re good ice breakers for people to get to know each other ICly.”

Squawk seems to be too blissed out from pettings to respond.

Ali says, “As a representative of the people to the planet, I think mayoral IC roleplay should be of the grand sort that can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of their own backstory. This is not easy to write, and would probably often involve things happening to the disc itself or a major part of it. This kind of question is why I chose a roleplaying expert as my deputy and chief advisor. But [RP] shouldn’t be overwhelming or try to fill the calendar. Most RP is of a smaller sort, and I suspect too may big ‘official’ RPs would have a chilling effect on the smaller ones.”

Mina says, “And finally… closing statements! Why should we vote for you? Anything else you want to add? Stuff like that!”

fluffy says, “A vote for me is a vote for apathy, indifference, and insecurity.”

JasonRDT arfs, “Vote for me because a vote for me is a vote for the SED!…is what I’d like to say, since it sounds catchy. But I’d probably get harped at a lot for that, so instead: vote for me because I’m a fluffy dude and will only be corrupted by home-picked officials!”

Squawk lazily stands up. He hops to the front of the table. He turns around in a slow circle to show off how adorable he is. He gazes out into the audience and utters only: kii!wii!

Gilead chirps, “Maybe another debate will be held I can make it to.”

Enkeli smiles, “Why vote for me? Well … I’m a friendly person who runs one of the more popular spots in the realm. I’ve run a number of public roleplays and I have strong interest in doing more. I tend to be a consensus builder, people tend to get along with me, and I haven’t been a contentious figure here. I really want to give back to the place I call home, and have fun doing it. And I really want to help share fun with as many people as I can, while encouraging more people to come join us. In short, I really want to make SD a better place, because it’s made me a better ocelot. In short, you should expectelot from your mayor!”

Featherwing intones, “A vpte for me is a vote for… Well, I guess the sake of voting! Plus if elected, it’d definitely help me to get to know everyone better (or better than I currently do)! :3”

BunnyHugger says, “Thank you all for hearing me out. I hope I have made it clear that I love SpinDizzy. I think of it, truly, as one of the primary “worlds” in which I move, and it is a deeply important place to me. I am running for Mayor because I think that I have good ideas, would do a good job, and have demonstrated my enthusiasm and experience through many previous initiatives including events, building projects, public MUFs, and being on the founding staff of the SpinDizzy News. I would be extremely happy and grateful to be elected; it would mean a great deal to me.”

Enkeli says, “And remember, a vote for me is a vote for Azure, too, and he’s awesome, cute, and smart. :)”

Ali says, “Vote for me because I mean it. These are not empty promises. SpinDizzy is my home now, in many ways more than anywhere in Dread Ar’El. I can’t guarantee you that I am the absolute best candidate standing up here, but I CAN guarantee you that if you elect me, you will get the very best mayor that I can possibly figure out how to be – and I am very good at figuring things out. I *have* been a contentious figure, but that’s because I care.”

BunnyHugger says, “I hope you will look at my past accomplishments, and also at the spirit that I bring to the Rose Garden each night, and will find me to be the best candidate. I promise to do my very best in the role, to strive to be ethical and sincere.”

Ali gives a wry grin. “And if all else fails, I’m sure I would be an INTERESTING mayor.”

Mina says, “Let’s give a big round of applause for our candidates! And remember everyone, get out and vote when the time comes!”

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