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Sakura Nebula Eatery is built in a most magical way!

A dispatch from Kyizl, plucky feline in the field!

On Monday in Cherry Blossom Square, Mako, local floating feline, mayor, and goddess-to-be, gave an impressive demonstration of her abilities to students of St. Marin’s School of Magic.

In the main area, near the cherry tree, Mako set up a series of crystals in a circle shape. While explaining a little bit about her magical specialty (Symbolic Magic), rain began to fall. Her type of magic favors dramatic presentation, and this was no exception! Scraping a crystal-topped metal staff against the ground near the crystals, the top of the staff lit up.

Raising her staff to the cloudy, rumbling sky, the crowd gasped as lightning struck the tip of the rod directly, causing the crystal circle below to blaze as if on fire as the lightening conducted to the ground.

While an impressive demonstration, the display was only just beginning. Soon after, a stone platform and wooden pillars began to rise out of nowhere, seemingly by themselves. Several witnesses reported seeing shadowy creatures inside the circle, but they moved quickly and were indistinct. I tried taking a picture with my phone, but the shadows appeared as even more blurry smudges.

The rest of the building was constructed in a similar manner, and at the end a mysterious voice said “Job’s Done” as the last of the shadows disappeared. Soon after, the huge tree then began dropping tasty cherries!

The building turned out to be a new restaurant called the Sakura Nebula Eatery. While mostly serving Asian style food, there are also other favorites like hamburgers. You can reach the eatery by going to S3 E0, then typing ‘nw’.

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