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Regular Crew Goes All Moony

Celebrating the 20th of July or, from another perspective, the 41st anniversary of the first Apollo lunar landing, a small but often bewildered group of SpinDizzy regulars visited our own slice of the Earth’s Moon. This piece, at N8W8 — once the northwestern corner of the world, before the last landing the city made — is of the Taurus-Littrow Valley, landing spot for Apollo 17 and one with a history which predates SpinDizzy just as some of the oldest characters do.

An astronaut and a bunny on the lunar surface

In this illustration by Austin Dern, an astronaut discovers BunnyHugger on the moon.

While this was the first visit to the Taurus-Littrow Valley for winged squirrel-bunny J.P., it was merely a return for Austin, BunnyHugger, Chitter, Royce, and Sally, the last admitting to not remembering at first why there would be a gathering in this spot on that date.  The crowd had no difficulty in rationalizing just how a slice of the Moon should be in walking distance of the Rose Garden, or just how it is that nobody seems to have a problem with breathing there.

Also making a return for this lunar anniversary were the Mars Exploration Rovers. This pair, Spirit and Opportunity, have been roaming the sands of Mars and the hot spots of SpinDizzy for over a decade now, and while they sometimes seem to fall silent for months or more, they do often return, to be attacked by Darius. It is not known as of this writing whether he has attacked their new mission of roaming around and sometimes taking pictures.

The currency for the day was “moon rocks,” which did not, despite their easy abundance, threaten to use up the Moon.

The Taurus-Littrow Valley is unaffiliated with Spengo, noted Spindizzy suburban moon. It is conveniently located next to Mars and Pluto, thanks to an elaborate rationalization which makes perfect sense but which no one has ever found.

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