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Plot to Destroy Pie Foiled by SpinDizzian Adventurers

On July 8, a small group of SpinDizzy denizens ventured into space in a mysterious alien craft in order to aid a group of pie bakers. The pie bakers were unable to create a viable crust because all the solid fats of the world such as lard and butter had been stolen by an evil cake baker named Professor Schlimmtorte. The adventurers ultimately succeeded in acquiring butter and shortening from a world known as El Dolardo and bringing it to SpinDizzy to rescue the pie bakers.

The adventure began when Austin, coati; BunnyHugger, devilbunny; Chitter, squirrel; Envi, coyote; Fuzzy, marsh rabbit; Garrison, balloon butterfly; Natasha, ‘toon coati; NBC, peacock; and Washi, origami peacock, encountered a pieman named Simple Simon at Rose Shore (N0 E1). Simon explained the plight of the pie bakers and the legend of El Dolardo, a legendary world made of butter. Envi identified a strange machine in the vicinity as a spacecraft, and the SpinDizzians and Simon boarded.

The ship turned out to work something like a chariot, with an eel-like mechanical wonder drawing it through space, and tablets with cryptic pictures used to set the destination. After a false start (apparently bringing them to an ossuary world), they succeeded in selecting the correct tablet, but the engine appeared to be overwhelmed. It began vibrating and then shook itself apart.

The ship’s occupants began trying to repair the engine, which had somehow come apart into a nearly limitless variety of pieces. NBC found two long, metal pieces and arranged them on the engine as though they were TV antennae. Then he placed his head between them and flashed colored lights across his tail. This seemed to charge up the antennae so that sparks crackled across them.

Austin took two pairs of objects resembling tops from the pile of parts, then set each pair spinning in complementary directions before dropping them into one horizontal and one vertical slot. “There’s almost always got to be something spinning,” he remarked.

Envi took one of the navigation tablets and drew on it a picture of smiling, safe crew members, then the word “eel” (as the ship’s engine somewhat resembled an eel). She then added an “h” to indicate that the engine should “heel” and put the tablet into the slot. This seemed to calm the engine’s frantic rattling.

Natasha sang “Dry Bones” to herself while connecting several pieces of the engine together: “Them bones, them bones gonna walk around…now heeeeaaaar the words of the Lord….”

BunnyHugger then declared that the rebuilt engine was “too disconnected” and “not a unified system.” She explained, “It needs an architectonic.” She took a long piece of wire and wrapped it around the engine and all its added parts, including NBC, who was still charging the antennae he had added. After winding it around three times she declared, “There! I have unified it.”

After BunnyHugger’s wire wrapping, the engine seemed almost fixed, but was not quite working. Chitter then walked up to the engine and kicked it.  Suddenly it sprang to life and the crew was successfully transported to El Dolardo. There they found the planet inhabited by mechanical life forms. They also encountered Zenkuro, fox, and Xeroth, demonic space dragon, who apparently had found their own way to the planet.

The El Dolardians were happy to provide supplies for the benefit of the ship’s engine, apparently regarding the crew as mere “meat parasites.” A large quantity of butter was loaded onto the ship and the adventurers returned to SpinDizzy, delivering the butter to the pie bakers and successfully foiling the anti-pie plot of Professor Schlimmtorte.

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