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Parade Brings SpinDizzians Together in Spirit of Cuteness

MAIN STREET, SPINDIZZY — A throng of people gathered earlier this week for the SpinDizzy Parade of Cuteness. The purpose, to bring SpinDizzians and visitors from all walks of life together to celebrate the cute things in the universe, enjoy each others company, food, and laughter.

The parade was once again broadcast live onto the SpinDizzy Principal Information Network courtesy of NBC, who also provided on-site media and audio-visual services. Mayor Enkeli Vasa served as this year’s Master of Cuteness. The SpinDizzy Chapter of the Galactic Bicycle Corps No. 353 Marching Band led the parade.

The first two floats, kittens and puppies, were met with great cheer and enthusiasm from the hot-dog munching, lemonade-sipping crowds.

“I got a ball of yarn from one of the kitties,” Alphie Selman, a miner from the asteroid breaker Palanth, proclaimed. “This is the best SpinDizzy visit ever! Plus, this’ll brighten up my cabin!”

From puppies and kittens, the parade transitioned to rocketry and space battles with a float sponsored by a local engineer and mechanic, Raldabirral “Raleigh” Elden.

“I’ve been a resident of SpinDizzy for several years,” the girrafe-like Reticuean stated as he crossed his arms,”an’ I figure it’s my time to give something enjoyable back to the community and try to help bring in some extra money to the local entertainment and tourism sector.” Raldabirral, like many small business owners, appreciates the extra income that tourists bring in when attending events such as the Parade of Cuteness.

“It’s a big boon, y’know? We need to do our part for the community.”

A float dedicated to the cuteness of tails followed, complete with a foxtail decorations and lots of silliness with the audience. Visitors and SpinDizzians with tails participated in a quick tailswish, wave, or spin as the float passed by.

A special anniversary float by Professor BunnyHugger and her partner, Austin, follwed, celebrating ten years since the movie, Lilo and Stitch, first arrived in holoparlors across the greater SpinDizzy. Dressed like the characters from the movie, the two also set their float in the tropical state in which this fantastic adventure was filled.

“This is an awesome float,” a male rabbit exclaimed as the float went by, followed by much applause and laughter.

A float dedicated to the cuteness of ears followed. Ears of all kinds were present on the float, from tiny mouse ears to large elephant ears.

The third to last float was an ice-cream truck sponsored by The Gray Foxes. The children, and many of the adults, pursued the truck in search of the famour Peek-a-Boo ice cream sandwiches within.

“Now if you only had a polar bear sized one,” a large polar bear remarked as he quickly consumed the delicious frozen confection. Indeed, many longed for more of the sweet confections, and a few received them!

Second to last were robots, many of familiar shapes and sizes to all of us, but all constructed to the them of the parade: cuteness!

Lastly were the fighting forces which mostly consisted of Aina-model clones and various others.

After the last float and formation, SpinDizzians lingered to enjoy themselves and socialize. “I’m looking forward to next year,” a middle-aged welder replied with a grin. “It’s thinks like these that really bring the community together to remember what it is to be neighborly and have fun.”

The Mayor’s Office is sponsoring voting for Cutest Float and reports that ballots will be available until the end of the week. Floats entered into the contest will be available for viewing at the park off Main Street, SpinDizzy.


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