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Olympic Scandal: Sora Charges Irregularity in Shooting Scoring

Thursday evening’s Olympic Shooting contest concluded with an outbreak of violence as Sora, winged fox and soldier of the SED, angrily contested the results that left her in fourth place behind Featherwing (Dragon Team), fluffy (Team Extremely Ill-Advised), and Azure (Team Extremely Ill-Advised).

Sora was visibly distressed by the 77/100 she scored in the 10-shot contest, and became increasingly dismayed as her score was repeatedly bested by others. When BunnyHugger, devilbunny event organizer, announced the final standings and went to give out the medals, Sora presented what she claimed to be her target paper, showing only one shot narrowly outside the bullseye. BunnyHugger seemed bewildered, but refused to change the standings. She tried appealing to Sora that the event was “just for fun anyway, right?  It’s just for friendship and sportsmanship.” She added, “No one thinks you can’t shoot.”

BunnyHugger then proceeded to begin handing out medals, as Sora took out her sidearm. Dragoncat leapt up and pounced Sora just as she fired a shot at BunnyHugger, causing it to miss the devilbunny by approximately a foot. An ensuing scuffle found Dragoncat, feline dragon; Aina, tigress; and Niny’ah, Seirmerine, successfully wresting the gun away from Sora. Morticon, wallaby SED leader, ordered Sora to her quarters, and Sora ran away.

Subsequently, Morticon apologized to BunnyHugger. BunnyHugger replied, “Morticon, please don’t punish her harshly.  She failed at what she’s built to do, of course that is a big crisis for her,” referring to Sora’s occupation as a sniper. She seemed to reconsider her remark a moment and added, “I mean, she didn’t fail, but she disappointed herself.”

After a moment composing herself, BunnyHugger finished handing out medals, noting that she would keep Sora’s copper medal (a non-ranking token of participation) to give her later.

At the time this article was written, the whereabouts of Sora were still unknown. An SED search party had been dispatched.


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