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New Housing Complex Explored; ‘Beneath’ Open for Business

On July 4th, 2012, a group of adventurers descended into SpinDizzy’s newest housing complex, “Beneath.” Located under the local branch of Adh Venturo, Inc., at Tiger Cove (N0 E4), the complex is situated in a mid-sized cave system. [Full disclosure: Xor Vralin is the owner-operator of the Adh Venturo store.] Attending the grand opening were Alkaryiske, snivy; Aquamarine, vaporeon; Featherwing, silver dragon; Jaxen, grey fox; Jeane, grey lady; Morticon, wallaby; Niny’ah, seirmerine; Samnang, Afghan hound; and Xor, human, who led the expedition.

The trip contained aspects which were not mentioned in the advertisement set out by Comrade Vralin, such as various noises and fluctuations in the ambient light that could not immediately be accounted for, according to a log of the trip. Cmrd. Vralin remarked, early on in the expedition, that he had “not explored beyond [the] first chamber,” and that he did not know what lay beyond the maw Beneath, as it has been styled. Discoveries made during the brief expedition included the evidence of a brief residence by an alien force, stranded there until they were able to recharge the portal back to their world. An orb present in the first chamber is the “echo” of this, though it is believed nonfunctional by Cmrd. Vralin.

Also discovered beneath was the presence of an automaton with full artificial intelligence, identifying itself only as “Nameless.” Allegedly left behind by its creators, it claims to have lived Beneath for hundreds of years, fearing discovery. After questioning by various members of the party, it allowed itself to be repaired, and has since returned to Beneath, where it says that it is “happy and comfortable.” The automaton is reportedly the cause of many of the “unsettling noises” encountered Beneath, which Cmrd. Vralin says he is allowing to continue, “for the sake of atmosphere.”

According to the official listing (source: “Homefinder,” free publication for those seeking a permanent or semipermanent residence), Beneath is now open for those seeking to set up a home or shop there; further excavations may be made, should the current chambers fill.

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