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Muck Continuing to Grow, Not Making Much Fuss About It

Lost in the news of Argon’s death, the Mayoral election, the re-establishment of the newspaper, and other exciting matters is that early this year the database reached its 20,000th object.  The object, dbref #20000, was created on Wednesday, the 6th of January at 03:08 muck time, and is owned by Jimun.  The object is currently called simply Object Number 20000.

Object number 15000, owned by SpinDizzy the muck, was created in September of 2004 and connects the Verde Computational centre at N10 E0 to the Aethereal Tundra at N11 E0; it appears to have been created when the main grid was expanded from the original square to the modern disc.  Objection 10000 was created on 5 May 2002, and is owned by Than; it is known as Object Number 10000.  And object number 5000 is an SFOXS Public Transporter owned by Jabari, created on the 25th of January 1999.

As of writing the database consists of 4,358 rooms; 11,956 exits; 3,077 miscellaneous things; 525 MUF programs, 629 players, and one article of garbage.  The numbers of all objects other than garbage are expected to rise when the idle-purge is completed sometime soon.

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