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MPI Class Makes for Well-rounded MUCK Expertise

As of this Sunday, Professor Joshua Farstrike (cybernetic coyote) returns to the teacher’s desk for a class on MPI, one of the most useful tools on a MUCK, but also one of the most mysterious. Due in part to the publicity by Professor BunnyHugger’s recent building class, attendance at the SpinDizzy Center of Arts and Science was high. New player Kelisea joined Garrison (skunk), Beltrami (balloon critter), Roofus_roo (fairy princess kangaroo), BunnyHugger (reformed devilbunny), Austin (coati), Tora and Claude (cats), Skyler (cartoon deer), GreenKai (norn), Niny’ah (seirmerine) and Ronnie (cheetah), with Dragoncat (shiny dragon) arriving towards the end.

The first installment was mainly dedicated to clearing up some common sources of confusion as well as introducing the basics, although most players have actually used MPI without realizing it. Much discussion was dedicated to the functional nature of the language, the way it handles data types and the proper way to do output. Code formatting and the relationship between MPI and MUF were also covered. Last but not least, homework was assigned and students were prompted to peruse the manual on their own.

Those who could not attend may find Claude’s log useful.

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