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MoralBunny Foils SED Attack

An outbreak of what was described as “old-school SED activity” came to the Rose Garden the 21st of February when Morticon — a tiny, nonanthro kangaroo rat instead of his usual wallaby nature — rode in on a wave of a reddish liquid metal.  As Morticon (“we assume”) was being greeted his wave took on a tentacle shape and grabbed Austin, Arctic coati, and lifted him to the air.

As BunnyHugger, devilbunny, growled and ordered Morticon to set Austin down, Morticon grabbed blue fox Azure with additional tentacles and proclaimed she was helpless as, “There’s no heroes here!”  BunnyHugger announced she would have to do; JasonRDT, wolf-dragon kitsune, cried out “If only we had a BUNNY hero and her SQUIRREL sidekick!”

Azure stared at the wave.  In response to his gaze while being lifted, light feathers formed near the top of the wave and brushed Morticon’s belly.  Morticon, saying, “I may be little, but my mind is bigger than it ever was!” stared at the feathers and reverted them to the rubbery waving tentacles.

Valleyminks, mink, walked up to the liquid metal surface and touched it, only to be dragged into it.  Endy, badger, used Japanese school girls, which he “keeps in his pocket for just such an occasion”, as distraction.

MoralBunny, lapine superhero, and EthicsBoy, squirrel ward, heard the cry and appeared in the supervillain-wracked garden.  As MoralBunny ordered Morticon to set everyone down, Azure suggested Morticon should not “think of yourself ending up in a cage even once within the next thirty seconds” at which thought bars did begin to form.

While Azure and JasonRDT repeated mentions of cages and cage-like thoughts, MoralBunny offered, “Unhand everyone and we will let you go peacefully on your way.”  EthicsBoy warned, “She’ll subject everyone to a lecture.  Please don’t make her do it.  Please.”  MoralBunny did admit, “I would like to see him in a cage temporarily while we sort things out, certainly.  Yes, I’m imagining that right now.”

While Morticon’s wave spread out and even touched into the Fountain, a cage pulled itself together threatening to trap the unaware kangaroo rat.  While Azure called out “Morticon stands on the grave of dreams, his shadow shouts a nightmare scream, his wings are clipped, his feet are tied!,” MoralBunny pursued her reasoning: “We all must act in such a way that we could envision ourselves as part of a world of perfect justice; so said a great thinker.  In such a world, only virtue will be rewarded!”

She sat up waving her front paws, and bars dropped into Morticon’s field of view.  While Morticon tried rattling his way free, the highly ethical rabbit grabbed EthicsBoy in her mouth and leapt past a swinging tentacle.  The liquid metal wave broke out of Morticon’s control while he tried breaking out of his new-found cell, and Azure and MoralBunny went up to counsel the curled-up, confused rat.

As Morticon said, “I’m going to win this one!  I want to prove that my size doesn’t matter!” and pulled Azure into the liquid metal, Azure set a pin into the wave and let it began growing a complex mechanism.  MoralBunny asked, “What if we agree that your size does not matter?  If you are satisfied your point is proven, will you end your demonstration?”  And at Azure’s magical (yet accidental, he would insist) prompting Morticon was shimmered into a slug form.  Morticon in turn trapped Azure in a cocoon, giving the fox the chance to metamorphose into a metallic blue butterfly.

MoralBunny continued to argue, “I believe physical size is not relevant to the worth of a creature.  A great philosopher has told me this.  Looking up at the stars, do you ever feel dizzy, or strange, or overwhelmed, or afraid? It is the experience of the sublime.  It is the conflicting feeling of looking at something impossibly large and humbling, and yet at the same time realizing the infinite worth of oneself that is greater than even the immensity of the heavens.  We are all impossibly large in the ways that matter.”  As Morticon’s wave receded, leaving only him behind, she added, “Be well.  Be good.  Our potential for goodness makes us all immense.”

With the threat finished MoralBunny announced, “My job here is done.  I hope.  Farewell, citizens.”

While Zeta, squirrel, wrapped her tail and and mopped dry the humbled Morticon, who reverted to kangaroo rat form, BunnyHugger (who had gone off in search of MoralBunny and EthicsBoy) and Chitter returned, just in time to miss the heroic pair.  With the aid of Aina’, tiger, the SED minions brought their leader back to a secured location.

None of those captured by the wave seemed materially worse for their experiences.  Azure swiftly returned to his usual fox form.

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