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Monster of the Month Inaugural Event Goes Off—With a Bang

On Monday afternoon, Silvyr was witnessed making off with a statue of Phoobia Prunkling-Smythe from the Lemur Pavilion of the Fair, leaving a ransom note.  Zenkuro, Kelketek, Vanilla, and Phoobia participated in the rescue of the statue.  Of course, rescue is a relative term–the ransom note specified that only if Phoobia surrendered her hat would the statue would be blown up into space, using Acme Gunpowder (the Gunpowder that Blows Stuff Up), and the four intrepid souls managed to trigger the launch.

In truth, however, this was not a crime–it was the launch of Silvyr’s new enterprise, Monster of the Month, an adventurer training company.  The event was presided over by a beholder who answers to the name “Monster.”  In true lemurish fashion (as the event was co-sponsored by the Lemur Empire and Acme), Silvyr added zincen cretumbrousness to the entire occasion.  As the lemur on site for the event, Phoobia was pleased with the result–particularly since the statue actually achieved orbit around SpinDizzy and was unharmed by the experience.  the statue has been since reclaimed and returned to the Pavilion.

Silvyr is very pleased with the event, and is planning on building a proper training facility, instead of using the roof of her rocket water luge ride’s loading area.  All involved have received certificates, and Silvyr is planning to continue to hand them out as necessary.

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  1. Kelketek


    September 10, 2010 @ 9:59 am

    I had fun, and all of this would not have been possible if it weren’t for Acme Gunpowder (The gunpowder that blows stuff up!)

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