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Love Day Somehow Turns To Coffee

Love Day, Spindizzy’s annual celebration of the 10th of April, came to the Lover’s Lane section of Jellicle Fields on the 10th of April this year. While no specific activities were planned to commemorate or exaggerate the effects of love, it was hoped the free time and free associations of the day would encourage romantic activity and affiliations. No new lasting romances have been reported to the newspaper as yet, although these things can take time to become obvious.

Skully, skeleton, reported that for Love Day she “loved Morticon,” which she described as “tough love,” and a kind which “was enough that Morticon preferred being kissed and hugged by Kefan.” BunnyHugger, devilbunny, wore a coati costume and experimented with how Austin, coati, would snuggle with her; it is not clear that it affected the rate or intensity of public displays of affection in this pair. Motile, teddy bear, reported “floating into the Rose Garden” and administering “hugs, good vibes, etc.”  PatchO’Black, jellicle host, said, “The only thing I’ve done really is explain the Love Potion roses.” Endy, badger, reported the finding of a red panda plush doll in a local Goodwill store.

For some reason Razi, koopa/dragonturtle, found in the day the chance to try explaining coffee to Beltrami, noted balloon dragontaur and abstainer from all sorts of food and drink. He confined his explanation to the source of coffee (ground beans in boiled water), its physical effects on drinkers (typically, stimulation) and why the stimulant is present (caffeine serves as a natural pesticide). He further compared coffee to tea and hot chocolate, without looking noticeably less skeptical of the whole thing.

Regarding Morticon, Skully said, “I may love him again later.”

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