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Local Coati Becomes Balloon [@Action News]

NatashaNatasha, local Coati, had quite an adventure recently when two SpinDizzians tried to turn her into a balloon!

Things were going normally in the Rose Garden (at least ‘normal’ by SpinDizzy standards) when Borris, local bear said out of the blue, “Lets inflate Natasha and enter her in the Thanksgiving Day Parade!” (Borris had no comment on why this was a good idea or if it could even work). Ba’ar, local bear, agreed with Borris, produced an air compressor and bottles of hydrogen, and hooking Natasha up to the compressor’s hose turned it on and started the inflation.

It wasn’t long before Natasha was a coati-balloon. It didn’t sit well with her at all even though Ba’ar reassured her that “Don’t fight it! It’ll be fun!” and “Just think, we’ll enter you in the parade and you’ll be the envy of MILLIONS!” Borris and Ba’ar even volunteered to be her handlers for the event.

Finally the Coati was blown up to the proper Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Balloon size and Ba’ar disconnected the hose. Unfortunately Ba’ar didn’t have time to stopper up the helium before Natasha took off with a *woosh*, bouncing around the Rose Garden like a furry pinball! Fortunately the coati managed to land in the Rose Garden Fountain, shaken up but otherwise none the worse for wear.

Borris couldn’t be reached for comment on this but Ba’ar was philosophical. “Oh well, at least we tried.” he is quoted as saying. “Perhaps ‘Tash can be a balloon in next year’s parade.”

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