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Livestock, Produce Judged at SpinDizzy Fair

The judging for the livestock and produce exhibitions was held in the barns at Edgeworld Park Saturday night.  BunnyHugger, devilbunny, assembled a panel of judges to determine the ribbon winners.

The livestock entries were judged first in the Livestock Barn.  Under consideration were Cappie, a giant Pediculosis capitis (head louse), entered by Fluffy, critter; Jiang, a shubunkin goldfish, entered by Tategoi, koi-goldfish cross; Landis, a Macrolemur rhyzodactyl (giant lemur), entered by Valleyminks, mink; and Xar, a gryphon, entered by Findra, bunny.

Before announcing the winners, BunnyHugger explained that the vote was very close, with only one point between each of the contenders.  The rankings were first, Xar; second, Jiang; third, Landis; and fourth, Cappie.  Even the fourth place entry had at least one supporter among the judging panel.  The judge’s anonymous comment (relayed through BunnyHugger) was “It’s not every day you see a louse so large or, well, so cute.”  The consensus among the spectators and judges was that Xar was a deserving winner, due to his handsome appearance and good temperament.

The produce exhibition was judged in the Produce Barn.  The entries were a bunch of Egeria densa (anacharis) displayed in a fishbowl, from Tategoi; and three flats of strange animal-plant hybrid seedlings, from Valleyminks.  The latter included a flat of blue “foxies” mostly visible as ears and tails sticking out of the soil, a flat of dark green lemurs with their front and hind paws rooted in the soul, and a flat of critters buried up to the knees.

Valleyminks’ exhibits received a lot of curious attention from the crowd.  Valleyminks was not able to be present for the judging, but Fluffy provided an explanation.  “Basically, the minks have figured out a way of getting fauna to sporificate with flora, and had some of us wade in a pool of fluid.  In that way they generated a bunch of cute little flora from several of us.  Don’t the critters just look delicious?”

A panel of judges awarded first place to Tategoi’s anacharis, second place to the flat of lemurs, third place to the flat of critters, and fourth place to the flat of foxies.  Tategoi reacted with surprise.  “I didn’t expect this given the competition,” he said.

The winners were given traditional prize ribbons: blue for first place, red for second place, and white for third place.  Following the event, BunnyHugger remarked, “It’s sad realizing that the Fair is nearly over now.  In a way I feel like it’s been going on for ages, like it’s become a normal part of SpinDizzy for me.”

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  1. fluffy


    September 13, 2010 @ 1:34 pm

    I have a picture of Cappie, too. Isn’t she cute?

  2. BunnyHugger

    September 16, 2010 @ 3:22 pm

    Well, much more so than I would expect, Fluffy, I’ll say that.

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