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Letter: Azure Speaks on His Change

Morticon, leader of the Society of Elite Defenders, was gracious enough to meet with me to point out various infelicities in my conduct and demonstrate the untenability of  certain of my beliefs.  After this discourse, my eyes are clear, and I am free for the first time in my life.  I am free of the compulsion to rebel without cause.  I am free of the tyranny of my own impulses.  I am free from the chaos of ever-shifting goals.

My feet have been set on a shining path and I see a glorious vision before me.  I apologize to all whom I have lead astray, and ask that you follow me again, this time along the correct way.  No pleasure in a mere romp can surpass the joy to be had in building a tyranny of reason to be our heaven in life.

— Azure Varisha

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