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Lemur Acquires Vuvuzela

Suri, lemur, having survived the end of leaping responsibilities for the Annie comic strip and the discovery it was really “leaping lizards” anyway, appeared in the Rose Garden the 29th in possession of a vuvuzela, one of the horn-like instruments which have added millions of words to blog entries about World Cup Soccer this year.

Though she reported them to be on sale, Endy, badger, promptly groaned and chased her, promising to “strangle” something, possibly the instrument. He did win the apparent approval of Toledo, skunk, when Endy said, “They’re pure evil,” speaking of the vuvuzelas, and then brightened up and said, “But you’re cute!” speaking of the lemur. Toledo claimed, “Only a badger would turn a death threat into a pick-up line.”

Suri noted that among the powers of the thing, “When you have your own vuvuzela, then you can’t hear the other ones,”offered as an explanation for the constant sound of the vuvuzelas during World Cup matches, as the whole “fun” motive appears to be insufficient. And so she played the vuvuzela except when out of breath or attempting to explain pre-decimalization British currency while staying out of range of the non-tree-bound badgers the remainder of her night.

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