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Innocent People’s Existence In Danger

It’s an unhappy duty but one we’ve postponed too long. The characters on this list have been absent from Spindizzy for over a year. So we will purge those who don’t connect or who don’t contact Austin by the 11th of May.

As always, we do ask that you pass word on to anyone you see on the list who might still want to be around. Also please report to Austin of anyone likely to want to be around but suffering circumstances such as exploded computers which keep them from saying so.

And if you see anyone who’s been idle, please remind them how our community needs them, and talk of what we hope to do that’s interesting and is better with them. Thank you.

Abbie Adara Aina Aisha Aleu Alex Aloha Alyal
Ami Amrin Anarururu Anei-bara Arcturax Ark Arne Arryan
Azrael Azura Bander Becky Bloo_Roo BlueJaey Brenda Cethlenn
Chahala Chalice-Flame Chrome Cirro Codex Convergence Cougar Cuey
Cye D`saynin Darwin Deezlberries Dellway Diam04 Dirk Dizzy
Drako Dripdry Dusksnare El! Elsabeth Europa EW Felecia
Fermata Fidgit Fifi Firewind Flanowa Flutterz Foo-Foo FoxPaws
Frost Gatsby Glovus Hitaka Holmes Ikuri Ivanna Jac
Jacchus Jasu Jerboa Jerome Jhen Kameko Kamon Karesko
Karikishi Katrina Kazuki KeithBear KevMan Khalla Kira Kirin
Kispin Kitcoon Kitsune Kona Kreg Kressie Krysta Kunai
Lonesong Lupinetiger Lycanthrope Marissa Maxskunk Meir Miri MkfShard
Monolith Moramar Mortimer Murasaki MXS-7011 Nabz Nature Neler
Nesta NeverNever Nez Nighteyes Nocte Noreaster Nyrai Orbit
Orchid Peppermint Petrus Premchaia Pudge Punk Raeth Ratatosk
Recherei Romero Rowan Rown Saliah Scorcher Scribbles Seabreeze
Selethrial Serrith Seth Shadow Simon SK-1 Skolf Skye_Goodfellow
Slate Sonya Soralthe Spaceroo Spin Spitfire Steffo Strawberries
Stripes Susan Swiftheart Tarathene TeddyRuxpin Tiamat Tibba Tigerwolf
ToyDragon Trance Travis Tugscarebear Tyger Ukiyo Umber WalksFar
Warwick Wesley Weston Wolen Wolis Xyanth Yellow3 Zero
Zillah Zisha Zorro


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