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Have You Seen This Porcupine?

Dr. Sam Pascal, formerly-human and formerly-MSF-accredited scientist, has not been seen in quite some time. The last people known to see the doctor say that they last saw Dr. Pascal in late October or early November, at which time the giant porcupine was drinking the better part of a bottle of Retsina.

Dr. Pascal, porcupine scientist

Sketch of Dr. Sam Pascal, last seen in late October

Dr. Pascal is best known as the parent/creator of fluffy, local critter, and is a recent transporter accident victim, having been spliced with a genetically-modified porcupine, resulting in the giant shambling abomination of science known today.

Dr. Pascal was last known to appear as a large porcupine with magenta fur and cyan skin and quills, wearing a lab coat with various gadgets in the pockets. Other distinguishing characteristics are the presence of custom lab goggles, and eyes of different colors, one yellow and one cyan.

Those who find a large magenta porcupine in the wild should be aware that Dr. Pascal is generally harmless and, while unable to speak as a result of the splicing, still retains most of the original human intelligence and memories, and can communicate textually with a device of fluffy’s design. If this device is missing, any computing or typewriter device with a standard English keyboard should be sufficient to establish a conversation.

If you see Dr. Pascal, please contact fluffy.

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