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Got Room for a Building Class?

This Sunday’s installment of the building class saw attendance drop considerably. At the SpinDizzy Center of Arts and Science (S2 W1), Professors BunnyHugger and Farstrike were joined by Austin (coati), Beltrami (balloon critter), Claude (LOLcat), J.P. (winged squirrel), then later by Skyler (cartoon rabbit), Garrison (little skunktaur), and Mel (cowgirl).

Needless to say, this lesson seemed less interactive than usual, but no less interesting. After showing off extant homework — which prompted more discussion on MPI and properties — the next topic was exits; how to create and set them up, local building codes and useful helper programs. Naturally, exits are no use without rooms, so that was brought up next. Ample time was dedicated to the topic of parent rooms and the environment tree, and the discussion often veered into minutiae, as is natural given the accumulated complexity of MUCKs.

No homework was assigned for the final lesson, which is planned to be about special effects.

See Claude’s log if you need to catch up.

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