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Fair Queen Crowned, Cuts Ribbon

The first SpinDizzy Fair commenced Friday with a Fair Monarch Pageant.  The Fair is hosted by Edgeworld Park, an amusement park located at S4 E10.

The purpose of the Pageant was to crown a Fair Queen or King to officially open the Fair and perform other ceremonial duties.  Each contender performed a short display of talent and then answered a question: “What do you think would make SpinDizzy a better place?”

Entering the competition were Beltrami, balloon dragon; Aina, tiger; Austin, coati; PatchO’Black, Jellicle cat; Vanilla, skunk; Suri, lemur; Leslie, fairy-bunny; and Ali, fox.  The panel of judges consisted of BunnyHugger, devilbunny; Dragoncat, dragon; and Silvyr, displacer.  An audience of about 20 people turned out to watch.

Beltrami’s talent was a display of graceful flight that took her low over the heads of the audience.  In response to the question of what would make SpinDizzy a better place, she held up one finger and pointed to the newly-built amusement park, waving her hand in a wide loop.  Then she held up the finger again and held up a second and third finger to match it.  She concluded by patting her chest with her lower set of arms and then holding them out to embrace the crowd.

Aina stated that she is an Aina Mk V unit and “capable of a multitude of tasks,” and then performed a short operatic piece.  In response to the interview question she said, “from what Mommy told me, if everyone was just happy and got along, things would be better for all.”

Austin demonstrated his body’s malleability by softening and then flowing around BunnyHugger until she was completely hidden from view.  He then flowed back off her, quipping, “Her card has now transformed into the Ace of Hearts.”  BunnyHugger then asked him the interview question, but at the same time, Silvyr reported that “there are two Aces of Hearts, and a passel of tiny other hearts cards.  Love does that.”  Austin then played on Silvyr’s remark in answering what would make SpinDizzy a better place: “Yes, I think Silvyr’s got it.  Love does that.”

PatchO’Black sang the humorous folk song, “To Morrow,” about the singer’s frustrated attempt to catch a train to Morrow.  Asked what would make SpinDizzy a better place he replied, “Well, most folks would think I would say ‘more Jellicle cats,’ and while I do think that is one way to improve things, I think that what really would make SpinDizzy a better place is, oddly enough, something it already has.  That is, a group of people that care for SpinDizzy, and each other, and share a dream of what it is and could be.”

Vanilla started out by juggling chainsaws but quickly dropped them on the stage.  She then switched to telling a meandering story on the subject of communication in the modern age, ending with a metafictional twist as one of the characters sits down to her computer to tell a story at a Fair.  In response to the interview question she stated, “I love Spindizzy; it’s very not like other, not to be mentioned, mucks. To make it better? Keep the free form sandbox vibe, let us play at will.”

Suri played “Lemur of Spain” on a vuvuzela, causing a great deal of consternation among the audience.  After her performance, she showed off an advertisement on her tail, and stated, “Everyone should visit the World of Lemurs exhibit, sponsored by Acme Gunpowder, the Gunpowder that Blows Stuff Up!  That would make SpinDizzy a better place.”

Leslie demonstrated magical powers by giving Roofus_roo, fairy kangaroo, tiger stripes.  This led to two other volunteers: J.P., winged squirrel, received a raccoon mask, and Gilead, otter, was given the colors of a duck drake.  Leslie’s response to the interview question was “I dunno really but I like it when like someone you forgot you like comes back and has all kinds of fun stuff to talk about so maybe that’s what I think it would be better from.”

The pageant concluded with Ali dancing with a flaming staff, igniting roman candles around the stage, to the tune of “Sweet Dreams” by the Eurythmics.  Near the end of her routine, she inadvertently set her tail on fire.  Fortunately her vardo is equipped with a water cannon, which doused her with a massive blast of water, putting the fire out and leaving her completely soaked.  When asked “What do you think would make SpinDizzy a better place?” she responded “fire extinguishers.”

After a short conference, the three judges named Ali the Fair Queen.  The audience, and Ali herself, were clearly surprised by this choice but BunnyHugger said, “We were impressed with your act even though it came to a bad end,” and Silvyr said “It was a spectacular dance.”  Ali was presented with a ceremonial sash and asked to choose a Prince Consort from among the other competitors.  She chose PatchO’Black and presented him with a ceremonial sash.  BunnyHugger then distributed sashes the other competitors, making them the Queen’s Court for the duration of the Fair.

After the pageant, Ali and PatchO’Black led everyone to the Main Gate of Edgeworld Park, which had a ribbon strung across it.  Ali cut the ribbon with a pair of oversized scissors and declared the Fair open.  Many members of the audience proceeded inside for the first public viewing of the park.

The Fair continues through September 12.

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