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Election Season Underway

The 2012 mayoral election season has begun with a flurry of activity and several prospective candidates declaring their intention to run.  Ali, Azure, BunnyHugger, Enkeli, Featherwing, and Squawk have all put themselves forward so far.  All are new to the campaign trail save for BunnyHugger, who mounted a highly-publicized but unsuccessful campaign in the 2010 race.  Fluffy, meanwhile, is actively campaigning against people voting for it.  It is currently unclear whether fluffy intends to be placed on the ballot as an anti-candidate.

The election timeline will be officially announced on Monday, according to Mayor Jax E. Neurocyon, better known as Jaxen.  Further election news including profiles of the candidates will be presented in a forthcoming special edition of SD News authored by Nigel.

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