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Election Season Begins with Nominations

The 2013 Mayoral Elections officially began on January 7 with what the Elections Department dubbed “Calling the Election.” This ceremony formally marked the start of the nominations period, which will conclude on January 11 with the announcement of the candidates to appear on the 2013 ballot. All who receive at least two nominations during this period, and accept the nomination, will appear on the ballot.

Three members of the Elections Department – Beltrami, balloon dragon; BunnyHugger, devilbunny; and Xor, Boolean – conducted the Call. (The fourth member – Westly, humanoid – could not attend.) It began at City Hall, with Beltrami reverently carrying in the ballot box as BunnyHugger beat a drum and Xor played a bugle fanfare.

BunnyHugger began, “Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye — the 2013 SpinDizzy Mayoral Elections are to be called! The will of the people shall be respected now and henceforth in our glorious land! And now we shall observe the ceremonial Calling of the Election, after which the box will be open for Nominations.” Xor punctuated this speech by rolling out a piano and playing a variation on Also Sprach Zarathustra.

After a solemn moment BunnyHugger declared, “Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere ballots here ballots here ballots COME COME COME BALLOTS” and, after a breath, “Right here right here ballots ballots come come pig sooeeeeeeey!!!!!”

She added, “Eleeeeeeeeeeections!  Elections!  Lec lec lec ballot ballot pig pig elections!!!”

Xor then took the lead, saying, “That from this moment forth, until the moment shall be announced that the announced moment is the moment to end the aforementioned moment that ballots to elect the RIGHT HONORABLE MAYOR OF SPINDIZZY have been called by the right honorable Hugger of Bunnies, as so shown in the moments preceding this moment in which I am speaking of moments.”

Xor concluded, “And let us get down, and get funky.  This is all.”

The ballot box was then thrown open for nominations. (Nominations may be sent in confidence to the Election Department using page alias “election.” Each resident may submit up to two nominations.)


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