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Devilbunny Deals out Stern Looks

Drawing of BunnyHugger using the Sternlooker

BunnyHugger gives Chitter a Stern Look, in an illustration by Garrison.

BunnyHugger, local devilbunny moralist, has recently been accosting SpinDizzy residents with what she describes as “stern looks.” She is frequently seen holding a rolled-up piece of paper to her eye as though it were a spyglass, then staring through it. According to BunnyHugger, the stern look is intended to cause the feeling of “respect for the moral law,” and has a 33% chance of striking the intended target. Regardless of whether she declares a hit, BunnyHugger’s glaring seems to have little effect on the target.

The Sternlooker, as BunnyHugger calls the scroll, contains an arcane language known as MUF. Although often mistaken for magic, MUF is actually a programming language that can be used to interact with SpinDizzy’s computer, creating a wide variety of effects. The Sternlooker came about when Joshua Farstrike, MUF class instructor, gave the class a homework assignment: create a pie-throwing MUF with a 33% chance of hitting the target. Dragoncat, feline dragon; Jaxen, fox; and Claude, LOLcat, all followed the assignment exactly. BunnyHugger chose to create the Sternlooker instead, leading her frequent companion, Chitter, squirrel, to scold her for not following instructions.

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