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Cuteness Celebrated at Impromptu Picnic

This year’s Festival of Cuteness holiday (celebrated on the third Tuesday of June, which was June 15 this year) was marked by two events: a picnic held by Mayor Jaxen, and a party later in the day hosted by BunnyHugger.

The picnic started with Jaxen, gray fox, coming into the Rose Garden and asking, “Who’d like to go to an impromptu picnic?”  The idea was well received, and soon a lively group including Mandy, Chitter, BunnyHugger, Azure, Xor, fluffy, Claude, J.P., Nyni, Jukka, and Westly were enjoying sandwiches and French fries at the beach.

BunnyHugger, devilbunny, was excited when the fries were set out, and stated that fries are “one of my favorite things, right up there with cookies and Stephen Colbert.”  Mandy, mouse, asked, “You want to eat Stephen Colbert?” causing Xor, fox, to remark, “I bet he tastes like truthiness.”  BunnyHugger replied, “I didn’t say all my favorite things were edible.  Just, uh, a lot of them.”

Jukka, sitka deer, stated that he prefers fries with aioli, causing Westly, humanoid, to ask what aioli is.  Azure called it “garlic sauce that’s similar to mayonnaise, but isn’t mayonnaise,” further explaining that it “depends on how traditional you want to be.  New style is essentially garlic flavoured mayonnaise.  Old style is a garlic/oil paste that couldn’t ever hope to be mayolike because while whisks emulsify things well, pestles don’t.”

While discussion of the fries continued, Jaxen set out root beer and ice cream for floats.  Later on the picnic was joined by Gwiffy, Kelketek, Toledo, and Royce, making for an even larger gathering.

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