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Choosey Pokémon Choose To Have Ball

Poké Ball 2011 Logo

The Poké Ball, a celebration of duality as well as the release of a new game, was held the 7th of March.  The night gave the chance for many people to break out Pokémon morphs or costumes and show themselves off.   The most remarked-upon form would be that of Beltrami who became a pair of inflatable Pokémon, one Plusle and one Minun, which she kept as her shape for over a week.  Devilbunny BunnyHugger and squirrel Chitter dressed in a two-headed costume as a Doduo, a roughly birdly form with twin yet not perfectly compatible heads.  Dewi appeared as Murkrow, and Gilead as a Lutracario, an otterized variant of Lucario.  In more traditional forms Findra came as a Buneary, fluffy as a Pokémon critter, and both Nyni and Jimun appeared as Eevees.  Several puppets or zombies appeared as well, including Photo, a Pikachu; Hodge and Podge, as polyhedrons.

Not making it into costume included golden eagle Sally, despite Gilead’s suggestion she appear as a “Sallycuno”, and Austin, who confessed he couldn’t think of anything.  (He subsequently found fan art of a coati-inspired Pokemon on Deviantart, but it was not in time for the ball.  The un-evolved form was cuter but had a lousy name “catti”, which he suspected came from not knowing how the name is pronounced; the evolved form had the better name of “nasuail” but looked drastically worse.)   The ball swung into action at the Videogamer’s Roost, where music, conversation, and jokes abounded even as wallaby Morticon entered and tried to abduct the fursuit of mink-suit Valleyminks.  A Bit, left over from some computer system somewhere, dropped in and was correctly identified by Jellicle cat PatchO’Black as coming from Tron, with the similar Cursor being identified as Automan‘s helper. Besides this action the cheetah-plant hybrid Leian made his debut on SpinDizzy during the event.  He denied being a plant-type Pokemon but has been a regular presence in the city since.   Despite the long run of the ball, no one was reported as being captured or adopted for Pokémon services.

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