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Cadge-Tuesday Finds Farewell Letter from Holmes

Cadge-Tuesday, the joint entity that comprises squirrels Cadge Flicker and Tuesday Black, reported the receipt of an apparent farewell letter from Sherlock Holmes, six-inch-tall human detective, in a Bulletin Board post Sunday.  Cadge-Tuesday stated that the letter had arrived in their mailbox that same day.  In the letter, Holmes expresses a belief that Moriarty, a former SED official widely believed to be dead, is alive somewhere off SpinDizzy, and states his intention to pursue him.  The letter also contains a dismissive remark about Morticon and instructions for Tuesday to continue Holmes’s work fighting the SED.

Asked when Holmes had left SpinDizzy, Cadge-Tuesday replied, “We don’t know when exactly because we weren’t in contact with him in recent years.  We weren’t even entirely sure he was still around, but then suddenly this letter appeared in our mailbox today.”  In response to a question about the whereabouts of Watson, they said, “There wasn’t a Watson.”

In response to the letter being posted on the board, Morticon publicly threatened Cadge-Tuesday, warning them that he had thus far outlasted all his arch-rivals and that they should expect to be dealt with harshly if they followed Holmes’s instructions.

Full text of the letter follows.

Mrs. Cadge Flicker
The Burrows Apartments
Squirrel City

My dear Mrs. Flicker:

I write these few lines as a farewell.  I did not speak to you of my departure in person, out of fear that you would intend to dissuade me.  You must surely remember the circumstances that brought me to TF&F and therefore to SpinDizzy.  The illustrious and evil Professor Moriarty had appeared on your world, and I was determined to free your society from the effects of his presence.

Although Moriarty was supposedly killed years ago, for various reasons I have concluded that he is not dead but has instead fled to another world.  I have spent years tracking him and have had a breakthrough in the case that demands I follow the trail off SpinDizzy.  Though I fear this will give pain to my friends, and especially, Mrs. Flicker, to you, I do not believe it likely that I will return.

Moriarty’s criminal syndicate still exists on SpinDizzy, but his successor, Mr. Wallaby, lacks Moriarty’s genius.  I will do more good by stopping Moriarty wherever he may lead me than by remaining here to fight what he left behind.  I am confident that you will be able to continue that work without me and will lead others in that endeavor.

Tell the residents of SpinDizzy why I have left, and show this letter to them if you wish.  I have left instructions for Mr. Austin Dern to give you my remaining property.  Pray give my greetings to Mr. Flicker, and believe me to be, my dear Mrs. Flicker,

Very sincerely yours,

Sherlock Holmes.

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