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Band of Criminals Attempt AAPC Robbery, Chaotic Force Revealed

-The Heist-

Time travel has always been a subject that has captured the imagination of some of the brightest among us, the relatively recent advent of readily accessible time travel bringing these dreams within arms reach for many across SpinDizzy. Among some, it has become a source of valuable information, an opportunity too good to pass up for a band of criminals who, soon after midnight on the 19th, approached the AAPC primary office in the Wound in the World. The AAPC is a mysterious organization of apparently shifting purpose, most recently going under the banner of Amalgamated Analysis and Progress Consortium. In an act nearly unheard of on our peaceful world, two armed gunmen entered the facility, drew assault weaponry and threatened the facility leader, demanding a connection to their network in order to steal temporal information which the AAPC had only minutes prior acquired.

While the AAPC security prevented their advance, an accomplice took advantage of the situation to sneak into the facility and compromise the AAPC computer network. Retreating, the three regrouped with their allies, who executed a cyber-attack on the AAPC auxiliary computers as a distraction for their getaway. The attack was negated by the Neopolis Peace Commission with the help of our friendly neighborhood augmented supervulpine, Azure Varisha.

Authorities including NPC chief Obsidian along with good Samaritan and spatial force Tyrian Kivreem were waiting for them at their attempted departure point. The ensuing shootout resulted in the destruction of several police drones, the capture of suspected thief Lux Lucretius, the banishment of the infernal being known as Soot, and the surrender of a former accomplice whose identity has been withheld. Their accomplices the cosmic discontinuity Harlequin and the gunman Mankato Weasel, along with known public enemies Markku Qaru and Matilda Monochrome, are still at large. Shortly after his capture, Lux escaped custody at the Neopolis Peace Commission jail, due to sabotage from an unknown source. The NPC authorities are still investigating the matter and searching for the suspects at large. They are presumed armed and dangerous, and the NPC is requesting any information that may reveal their whereabouts.

This all brings us to the question: why are people acting like this on our world? The NPC reports increased crime rates across Neopolis and in several other sample points on SpinDizzy, including SpinDizzian space and the asteroid belt. Fortunately, several sources have provided insight into just who and what is at the root of this.

-Arkara, Okasso, and Forces Unfathomable-

A new entity has appeared in (or adjacent to, as it were) SpinDizzian space. Arkara, an incorporeal being from the far reaches of trans-cosmic hyperspace, has come to SpinDizzy inbound from Hyphean space. Described as a hyperdimensional mass of pure metaphysical energy with a broken mind, the result of a failed attempt at apotheosis, Arkara inadvertently caused the Hyphean empire to collapse into undying decay. Now her influence is felt across our world, described as an ambient effect, leading those affected to cast away their restraint to varying degrees. While her influence has led to several positive outcomes, some attributing their newfound liberation and self improvement to Arkara, nearly all familiar with Arkara attribute the increase in minor crimes, if not these major events, to her influence as well.

Simultaneously, an employee of the AAPC known as Okasso has been brought under suspicion. An individual who has through technology greatly expanded the scope of his abilities, awareness, and general cognition, Okasso has been confirmed to have engaged in a campaign of information gathering and event manipulation invisibly across SpinDizzy, including influencing the NPC as well as the events of the 19th. This has raised many concerns regarding privacy and autonomy in a world where beings of this capacity, capable of silently engineering nearly all aspects of life and society, exist. A former member of the group responsible for the AAPC heist accused Okasso of silencing the opportunities of others and manipulating the justice system against him and his colleagues. Okasso, when questioned, stated that he only wished to ensure the stability needed for SpinDizzian civilization to thrive, aiding the NPC in pursuit of criminals and extremists who wish nothing but harm on the people at large. NPC chief Obsidian, despite expressing concern over Okasso’s capabilities, admits that Okasso has been assisting his investigation regarding criminal factions around Spindizzy and has aided in countering Arkara’s influence.

Despite their work, the band of criminals responsible for the AAPC heist are still at large. Obsidian cites the noise created by Arkara as a hindering factor, masking the movements and actions of more serious suspects. In response, he plans to call in the help of volunteers in the future to aid in quelling the chaos and spotting the trail of serious crime.

For those seeking to lend a helping hand, unafraid of chaotic influence, bands of criminals or cosmic beings, expect an opportunity in the near future.

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