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Azure, Featherwing Promoted to Wizard

In a brief ceremony in the Rose Garden Thursday night, Azure, fox; and Featherwing, dragon, were promoted to Wizard. The presence of all current wizards (save Ping, ‘toon mouse, who is currently on a leave of absence) and the connection of Amalfi the plush rabbit, SpinDizzy’s god character, alerted many that a transfer of power was about to begin. Austin, coati Managing Editor, made a brief speech, explaining that the number of wizards in the corps is flexible but that there has been an understandable perception following the loss of Findra that SpinDizzy has needed more staff.

Following Austin’s remarks, Featherwing and Azure humbly accepted the honor bestowed by Amalfi. Azure announced his immediate resignation from the office of Mayor, leaving his Deputy Mayor, Chandra, to fill the post.

Skyler, currently a ‘toon deer (though more often a ‘toon bunny), also announced the rejuvenation of the Helpstaff, which now has four members: Beltrami, BunnyHugger, fluffy, and Westly. All except Beltrami are new appointees; Beltrami had previously served a long term prior to the temporary abolishment of the Helpstaff over the summer.

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