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Azure Becomes Mayor of SpinDizzy

Azure, fox, became Mayor of SpinDizzy Wednesday in a short ceremony outside City Hall. Outgoing Mayor Enkeli, ocelot, presented him with the Mayor’s Hat, the traditional symbol of the office since it was presented to the first Mayor, Beltrami, by an admirer.

Enkeli announced her resignation the previous Saturday on the Rose Garden Bulletin Board, leaving Deputy Mayor Azure to step up into the position. Azure has appointed Chandra Al-Alkani, Leptailaurian, Deputy Mayor.

During the ceremony, Azure stated, “Thank you all. I shall do the best I can to make you all happy. Or at least as many as happy as I can manage.”

The whereabouts of the other two symbols of office carried by Beltrami, the Mayor’s Cachet and Sash, are unknown. Beltrami’s successor, Mayor Jaxen, reported having possessed the Cachet but not the Sash during his term.

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